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Ubisoft Launched Fantasy Football Game Using Sorare

sorare one-shot league ubisoft

Ubisoft is working on a fantasy football game called One-Shot League, which taps into the NFTs from the market leading fantasy football game Sorare. In this case One-Shot League will tap into the Sorare cards from Belgium’s Jupiler Pro League.

One-Shot League is a free-to-play 5 a-side fantasy football game with a strong focus on strategy. Users can select 5 players for each of the five remaining match days of the Belgium Pro League football season. That means players can select 25 football players in total. Selecting this pool of players is permanent. There’s no going back.

To join One-Shot League, players can login using their Sorare account. Sorare players who also own Sorare Jupiler Pro League player cards, will boost their progression in the game with power-ups. Every week players need to select their best squad from their remaining pool of players.

Scores in the Ubisoft football game are based on the data from Sorare. Players can win prizes like Sorare cards of jerseys and swag from the Jupiler Pro League. Join One-Shot League here.

Sorare interoperability

Sorare is a fantasy football game that features player cards. Users own these cards. Several developers have created other fantasy football games that tap into the card supply of Sorare, like for example SorareData’s Cups and Leagues, SorareMega and SorareBuzz.

It’s great to see these cards being used in different games, and it’s an example of the true potential of interoperability. However, in this case these cards are still only cards. We probably need to wait for a while before a Sorare card becomes an actual 3D football player in a more action-oriented football game like FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer.

What is Sorare?

Sorare is a fantasy football game powered by blockchain technology. The project also has support from game publisher Ubisoft through the company’s entrepreneurs lab. The fantasy football game is enjoying lots of hype in recent months. A new financial injection of $50 million needs to bring Sorare to mobile devices.

Consistently the game is among the most popular applications on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition the company received a four million dollar investment to push the game forward, while signing FC Barcelona star Pique as a spokesperson and adding Real Madrid to the game.

Blockchain technology introduces actual scarcity to digital cards, so these cards have a limited supply. Players can use the cards they’ve bought to create a fantasy team. Each card represents a real player. Based on the performance of that player on the actual pitch, the card holders will earn points. Every week the teams with the most points will earn new cards as a reward. The cheapest cards generally sell for a couple of dollars, while the most wanted ones go for well over a thousand dollars a piece. Join the game!

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