Upland Partners with Gala Games to Create New Experiences

VOX x Upland Partnership

Upland, the city-building metaverse has partnered with Gala Games Vox to build a cross-platform open metaverse. The VOXverse is a dynamic world developed by Gala Games and the team behind The Sims. As the first step towards achieving this interoperability mission, Upland has teamed up with Gala Games Vox as a launch partner for the Ethereum Interoperability portal. The ability to interchange between two metaverses will allow players to experience enhanced features and add value to their digital assets.

The two metaverses will have intertwined experiences giving users of both ecosystems an enormous metaverse experience with more features and interoperability. The partnership between Uplands and Gala Games is the first step towards metaverse interoperability, opening doors to more such projects in the future.

About the Partnership

Players of both the ecosystems, Upland and VOXverse, will come across digital assets connected to either of the metaverses. The VOXverse will open stores, metaverse buildings, and Vox Dev Shops in Upland. So, if a player goes shopping at a mall in Upland, they can buy digital ERC-721 NFT collectibles, thus making the VOXverse digital assets available in Upland’s ecosystem.

“From the start we believed that working closely together with like-minded platforms to create interoperability will be the key for the future success of an open metaverse. We’re excited to partner with VOXverse who share this vision, and to have the Gala Games and Upland communities come together to co-create and co-build on the two platforms.”

– Idan Zuckerman, co-founder and co-CEO of Upland

Players of the Upland ecosystem will also be able to play VOX Odyssey, a text-based choose-your-own-adventure game on the Upland Discord server. The game will also allow users to collect resources through quests and adventures. 

On the other hand, Upland will have a headquarters in VOXverse. Upland will also host collaborative activities such as treasure hunts, car racing, and joint construction of sports stadiums. The partners of Upland, such as FC Porto and NFLPA, will help both communities work towards their common goals by supporting the construction of a sports stadium in the Upland metaverse.

Upland x Gala Games Partnership

Gala-Upland Ethereum Interoperability Portal

Gala Games VOX has made Upland its partner for developing the platform’s Ethereum interoperability portal. It would help Upland in building an open and decentralized economy. The portal will transport assets between the two ecosystems strengthening true ownership.

What is Upland?

Upland is a property trading and city-building metaverse where players can explore cities, collect properties and meet other players. The play-to-earn game is available on Android, iOS, and the Web. 

Each player in Upland is given a status determined by his/her net worth or the UPX holdings. The higher the status, more will be the benefits and rewards. The different categories are Visitors, Uplanders, Director, Executive, Pro, and Chief Executive. When a user joins the game for the first time, he is assigned Visitor status. 

The EOS blockchain powers the game, and its official token is UPX. Players can buy UPX tokens from the Upland store, which cannot be traded in the market.

What is VOXverse?

VOXverse is a gaming metaverse developed by Gala Games in partnership with iconic Sims developer Will Wright. The VOX world is powered by Unity real-time 3D platform and consists of NFT avatars having unique personalities that dynamically change over time through in-game experiences. Players can engage in world-building, own lands, explore different terrains, and do much more.

The whole VOXverse project is worked upon by Unity, Gala’s internal team behind Mirandus and Gallium, the studio of “The Sims” creator Will Wright. Will is known for designing the groundbreaking Sim City series game for Maxis studios. In addition, his company, Gallium, raised $6M recently for developing blockchain games.

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