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Ember Sword Pre-Alpha Gameplay Leak

Ember Sword

Ember Sword released a pre-alpha leak in the form of a video with exciting gameplay and some WIP (Work in Progress) content. This was a way to update the community about everything being done behind the curtains and renew completely its excitement. This leak can be an indicator that a Beta is now closer than ever.

It has been a while since Ember Sword’s development started. The team grew and maintained a healthy and supportive community right from the beginning. Even though the game is still far from being finished and we are in crypto winter, most of this community is still around. In our last Ember Sword article, we covered a playable demo that gave everyone a glimpse of what this web3 ARPG will become. But this fresh in-game footage is looking way better than their last demo.

Ember Sword Pre-Alpha WIP Demo Preview

In this video, we can see a huge difference from the demo. We can finally see some combat mechanics, characters jumping and dodging enemy attacks, and some of the city’s architecture.

Personally, I think that for a “browser game” its gameplay is looking quite addictive. Combine this with the fact that it will also be available for mobile at some point and you have the recipe to attract a vast audience. The game is still in its early stages of development and there are already dozens of organized guilds ready to get a head start in Ember Sword. That is an indicator of how large and excited the community is.

What is Ember Sword

Ember Sword’s a web3 ARPG on the ImmutableX ecosystem. The game has cartoonish and simple graphics and will offer everything players can expect from an ARPG:

  • Quests
  • Nations
  • PvP
  • PvE
  • Guilds
  • Crafting
  • Professions
  • Gear
  • Roleplay
  • Trading

It has a significant emphasis on Nations. In ARPGs and MMORPGs usually nations just affect PvP activities. But in Ember Sword, it is more complex than that. Nations affect the area where players will begin and each area is linked with a certain type of activity. For example, there are areas that are related to PvP activities, other areas with world bosses, and other areas with questing and trading. Players, when choosing a Nation, should consider which types of activities they want to engage in. Obviously, there will also be PvP activities between different Nations. Initially, only Solarwood will be available.

The four available Nations are:

  • Sevrend
  • Solarwoord
  • Duskeron
  • Ediseau

Then, as a web3 game it also has NFTs and in the future a crypto token. It will always be free-to-play and NFTs will exist in the form of cosmetics, land plots, and badges. Players, by fighting monsters, might drop some of these skin NFTs that can be then sold on the ImmutableX marketplace.

When it comes to Land Plots they will be used to get tokens as passive income and to build infrastructures like guild houses and shops. These were sold out in 2021. Badges were also sold out in 2021 and they will give early access and tokens to holders.

Ember Sword Pre-Alpha review

Check out our video review of the first pre-alpha released on April 2022.