GameStop NFT Marketplace Now Live on ImmutableX

ImmutableX x GameStop NFT

Ethereum-based blockchain platform ImmutableX has partnered with GameStop to launch the GameStop NFT marketplace on ImmutableX. The new GameStop NFT marketplace will boost access to NFT gaming assets by extending the reach to millions of GameStop players. As a part of the partnership, Immutable has selected GameStop to be the next featured marketplace in the Trading Rewards Spotlight program. The GameStop Spotlight is scheduled to run from November 2, 2022, to November 16, 2022.

Launch of GameStop NFT Marketplace on ImmutableX:

The partnership with ImmutableX was initially announced in February 2022, and the GameStop NFT platform beta has been operating since July. The marketplace launch on ImmutableX will allow players to access games such as Gods UnchainedIlluvium, and Guild of Guardians, which are currently being built on Immutable. 

The Layer-2 Ethereum platform offers 100% gas-free and carbon-neutral trading and minting. Furthermore, integrating ImmutableX into the GameStop wallet will enable users to earn $IMX tokens on the GameStop marketplace and earn more $IMX by staking with their wallets.

ImmtableX Marketplace

“Both firms aim to onboard new Web3 gamers by offering educational materials and introducing in-person and virtual gameplay down the line. In addition, ImmutableX hopes to create a gaming landscape that no longer thinks about blockchain gaming in terms of wallets, bridges, chains, and rollups but instead, true digital ownership and fun sit at the heart of the gameplay experience.”

Jonathan Reedy, Vice President of strategic partnerships at ImmutableX

In the past, the two platforms launched a $100 million grant for creators and builders of Web3 gaming. They also delivered activations for Immutable Games Studio by partnering with Gods Unchained to introduce GameStop PowerUp Pro Members.

Trading Rewards and Staking

Immutable’s Trading Rewards Spotlight program will allow players to trade NFTs on the GameStop marketplace and earn $IMX tokens. In addition, during the event, GameStop will offer 0.2% marketplace fees. The Partner Spotlight event is a special edition of Trading Rewards that will be held to reward the partner community, such as GameStop. It includes all the mechanics from the Trading Rewards program, except that trading carried out on the GameStop marketplace will only be counted. 

Players must have a registered ImmutableX or GameStop wallet to participate in the event. Users will have to buy or sell NFTs on the GameStop marketplace and collect IMX tokens. The daily distribution of IMX tokens depends on the total transaction volume of GameStop on a particular day. A maximum of 100,000 IMX tokens will be rewarded in a single day. There is also a list of Eligible Collections that will fetch you IMX tokens only on trading.

GameStop Trading Rewards Program

What is the GameStop NFT Platform?

GameStop Corp. recently established an NFT marketplace powered by ImmutableX. The Ethereum Layer-2-based marketplace allows users to own digital assets and buy or sell them. By exploring the blockchain domain GameStop, the American video games retailer company is trying to make its way into the web3 space. GameStop would use Interplanetary File System (IPFS) to provide a decentralized and distributed solution for accessing data and applications. 

It has also integrated Immutable’s Layer-2 protocol, which is faster and reduces overall transaction costs. The new marketplace features over 200 collections and over 53,000 NFTs. Players can trade, buy and sell game assets, characters, weapons, accessories, and other in-game items in the marketplace. In addition, the company has decided to expand to connected domains such as web3 gaming and metaverse in the future. The GameStop marketplace will compete with existing platforms such as OpenSea, Binance, Axie, and Rarible.

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