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Farming Tales Introduces AUREUS Token

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While we wait for Farming Tales to introduce New Waxchester and a more interactive game economy, the team decided to bring us a new token, called AUREUS. Though the game already has two tokens, AUREUS will apparently be a cross-chain token that ‘will move the metaverse economy’, though I don’t really know what that means.

For reasons that are not completely clear to me, Farming Tales decided to introduce a third token, AUREUS, to their ecosystem. They claim that the new token is meant to be used in their ‘metaverse’, but with two tokens already in their game, a third game currency feels repetitive. It’s one thing if the tokens represent some in-game resource, but as far as I can tell, they are all just a different kind of game money.

Farming Tales already features two tokens, SEST and CBIT. Players acquire SEST by selling goods from their farms. I though that SEST would be the primary game currency, but now I don’t know. Currently players can either stake SEST to earn CBIT, or use it for crafting new buildings. Players use the CBIT token to fill up Water and Food supplies. Very limited use cases.

And to be honest, I don’t really see why we need two game tokens, much less three. Why can’t I use SEST to buy Water and Food? What’s the purpose of making me stake one game currency token, to earn another game currency token, just to purchase in-game items? This process could be easily streamlined.

I tried repeatedly to get some answers on Discord, with no useful responses from the dev team.

Frank pondering the meaning of life
Frank pondering the need for another token

About AUREUS token

AUREUS will be a limited issuance token with a maximum supply of 21 million, distributed over a period of 10 years. Farming Tales players will be able to stake both SEST and CBIT to acquire AUREUS tokens. Fifty percent of the tokens will be reserved for distribution to those staking these two tokens. An additional 10% of the tokens will be reserved for CEX listing, and another 20% for future events and partnerships.

Apparently AUREUS will be a cross-chain token, as they have also said that 20% of the tokens are reserved for rewards on the Solana and Cosmos chains. So, if AUREUS is truly a cross-chain token, then I can kind of understand the addition, though I still don’t see how the game needs three different currencies.

The team plans an AMA session on November 7th at 16:00 UTC on Twitch. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have a link to their Twitch channel anywhere that is easy to find. So maybe keep an eye on their Twitter for the AMA announcement? Hopefully they will clarify how these three tokens are supposed to interact. And also explain how each one has a distinct, meaningful place in the game’s economy.

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What is Farming Tales?

Farming Tales is a 3D farming and economic simulation game built on the WAX blockchain. Players own stables, gardens, coops, docks, and more. From these they harvest various resources for sale. A more full fledged economy is in the works, including refined items (e.g. wheat into flour) and complex productions such as baked goods. Players earn SEST, the main game currency, by selling the goods they produce.

The game is not free to play. You need to own game NFTs before you can do anything. All animals need a place to live and growing plants requires a garden. Players must harvest regularly to make the most of their game items. Some allow harvesting as often as once per hour, while others take days to finish. Finding a good balance for your playstyle and time is important. Animal products tend to produce at a quicker pace than garden products.

Each harvest requires food or water, which players replenish by spending CBITs, a second game currency. The team plans to build a 3D town with shops and social areas called New Waxchester. The release for New Waxchester is scheduled for November 28th.

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