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Puffverse Getting Ready to Launch on BNB Chain

Puffverse on BNB Chain

Puffverse, a disney-like 3D metaverse has announced that they have received incubation grants from BNB Chain. Puffverse participated in the BNB Chain Builder Grant launched in early October and has successfully won the competition. BNB awarded the investment for supporting Puffverse’s development and deploying assets on the BNB Chain in the future. 

The Puffverse team has decided to use the grants to build the game’s beta version on the BNB Chain and enhance the gaming experience. The investment amount is unknown, but according to BNB, $500,000 will be regularly given monthly to projects that qualify the BNB Chain Builder round.

Puffverse initially decided to build the Genesis NFTs first on Ethereum and search for the best chain to deploy. But when the BNB Chain Builder Grant was announced, they chose the BNB Chain as it offers cheaper gas fees, faster transaction speed, a massive user base, and support for almost all programming languages.

BNB Chain Builder Grant Winner

Puffverse Genesis NFT on BNB Chain

Puffverse launched the free mint for Puff Tickets and Puff Genesis in September 2022. The developers have decided that players holding the original 2500 Puff Genesis NFTs will receive the privilege of deployment on the BNB Chain. All these NFTs will be migrated and mirrored to the same address on the BNB Chain soon. The Puff Ticket NFT currently on Ethereum will also be migrated to the BNB Chain.

A snapshot will be taken at 12PM on November 8, 2022. Tickets that will be minted before the snapshot will be migrated. The remaining Puff Tickets can be minted on the BNB Chain. 

Both BNB Chain Puff Genesis NFTs and ETH Puff Genesis NFTs will have their privileges. Players can use both NFTs to participate in Puffverse games and earn tokens. It can be used to play PuffGo World Cup Beta version, play PuffTown, create new games on PuffLand, build your own metaverse in PuffWorld, and get tokens at the initial launch. You can read all the details about the NFT utilities in this Medium post.

What is Puffverse?

Puffverse is a Disney-like 3D metaverse project that consists of a multi-end interactive universe with NFT characters and assets. Players can collect and choose multiple characters called Puffs to explore different content in the metaverse. Each character has unique skills, costumes, characteristics, and bonuses. Players can buy, sell and trade in-game items to play, earn and enhance the character’s skills. 

The utility and governance token of Puffverse is $PUFF. It will be used to participate in the governance decisions of Puffverse and for trading assets on secondary markets. Puffverse will launch several web3 projects in the future such as PuffTown, PuffLand, and PuffGo. PuffGo Alpha was recently launched on Android, which included web2 features only. The Web3 elements will be added later to the official version of the game in 2023.

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