Fractal Launches on Ethereum Blockchain

Fractal Launch on Ethereum

The blockchain gaming platform Fractal has announced its official launch on Ethereum. From now onwards, all Fractal products such as wallet, launchpad, SDKs, and Marketplace will be available on Ethereum. Initially, Fractal was launched as a Solana-based platform. However, integrating other blockchains, such as Ethereum, ensures that the games can cater to the largest possible audience. The Ethereum integration is just a first step towards integrating more chains in the near future.

Soon after integrating Ethereum, Fractal will start integrating other EVM compatible chains. With the Fractal SDK, game developers don’t need to dive into the specifics of a given chain; instead, Fractal will completely handle it and allow them to develop multichain products.

The Fractal wallet will also make it easier for players to start their web3 gaming journey without having to worry too much about different chains, wallets and gas fees. With this move, Fractal opens its doors to a much wider audience of developers and gamers.

Some Ethereum-based games have already partnered with Fractal for the launch event. Each game will host a tournament with a $3-10k prize pool and free entry. The games include Undead Blocks, League of Kingdoms, Galaxy Fight Club, Kingdomverse/Defend the Kingdom, Moonray, and Supremacy. In addition, Ethereum-based marketplaces have also been launched, such as Evaverse, Heroez, Legends of Venari, Metalcore, OpenBlox, and SIPHER.

For more information and links to the developer tools, you can read the full announcement here.

Fractal Tournaments

What is Fractal?

Fractal is an open NFT marketplace for buying, discovering, and selling NFTs. It helps create an ecosystem where game companies list NFT drops and in-game assets in the form of NFTs for players to buy. Players can search for NFTs, buy them, and resell too. The Fractal Marketplace is positioning itself as the first primary marketplace for gaming NFTs. 

Fractal helps developers launch NFTs ahead of launching the game. It rewards people who participate in early gameplay. They had released Fractal Launchpad, where game companies sell their initial NFT collections to the public. Games launched on Fractal launchpad include multi-mode games Tiny Colony, racing games Yaku, real-time strategy games House of Sparta, and MMORPGs Cinder and Nekoverse.

Fractal also helps game developers by providing the Fractal API with SDKs for Unity, Unreal, and IOs. This API lets developers easily create blockchain games without writing much code. 

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