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Phantom Galaxies Revamps Astrafite Rush Rewards

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After feedback from their community, the Phantom Galaxies team decided to make some changes to the planned rewards for the upcoming Astrafite Rush event. The number of spots available on the leaderboard has been drastically reduced, increasing the competition for those ASTRAFER rewards!

As Phantom Galaxies prepared to launch their Astrafite Rush event, feedback from the player community prompted them to make some tweaks. Specifically, to the number of leaderboard slots that will offer rewards from the event.

Their initial plans to reward the top 150,000 players on the leaderboard was based on the participation numbers in Episode 1 of their alpha. But after some discourse with the community, they decided to reduce those numbers and condense the rewards. The reduced number of reward slots now more closely represents the number of players who have already completed the first three Episodes. But new players can still participate by completing the prerequisite missions and joining the Astrafite hunt during any of the Cycles.

New Astrafite Rush Rewards

Now only 10,000 players will receive rewards, with the highest rewards going to those in the top 30 places. Anyone holding a Planet NFT receives a bonus multiplier to their ASTRAFER tokens received from leaderboard placement. The multipliers go as high as 22 for large Planets, and they also stack if you own multiple Planets. However, there is still a cap on the maximum amount of ASTRAFER each wallet can earn during this event.

There will also be a community goal during the event. If this goal is met, everyone in the top 10,000 spots on the leaderboard receives a bonus of 5 ASTRAFER tokens.

max rewards per cycle
max rewards per cycle

With the increase in potential rewards, the team decided to also add a vesting period. This helps slow the typical token dump we see when rewards are handed out. So, tokens earned in the Astrafite Rush vest out over 10 months at the rate of 10% a month.

This event will run in several cycles, with a leaderboard reset for each cycle. Cycles run for 5 days, starting on Fridays at 12am UTC, and running until the following Wednesday, 11:59pm UTC. The first cycle begins on November 4th and there will be a total of six cycles for this event.

About Phantom Galaxies Alpha

Phantom Galaxies is currently running in an alpha phase and has released three Episodes so far. Each Episode features a story driven quest line. Completing the quest gives the player a chance to mint a Medal NFT. These NFTs are special rewards showing that you finished these alpha Episodes. They may have a further use case or provide some other benefit in the future.

Playing in the Phantom Galaxies alpha requires owning a Phantom Galaxies NFTs. But there are several options available for less than $5 on Open Sea. Each Episode must be completed sequentially. The upcoming Astrafite Rush event will only be open to those who have completed all three alpha Episodes.

Phantom Galaxies runs on a downloadable client and features walkable stations, numerous quests, high-quality graphics, and both space and land based combat!

inside a station in Phantom Galaxies
inside a station in Phantom Galaxies
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