Phantom Galaxies Guide: How to Play, Features, Pros and Cons

Phantom Galaxies features a vast universe, amazingly authentic ships and combat, and a compelling story. Best of all, players can earn distinctive mechs, avatars, and even interplanetary real estate in this P2E game.

Quick facts

  • Phantom Galaxies is a blockchain-based open-world space sim RPG with rich combat and compelling story.
  • It can be played by purchasing Origin Series NFTs and will be available on PC and consoles.
  • It will contain a sprawling universe, rich combat, epic storylines, and customizable mechas.

Phantom Galaxies Review

What is Phantom Galaxies?

Phantom Galaxies features a vast universe, breathtaking Starfighter combat, and a compelling story to which players can repeatedly return. Players on a planetary scale can own unique avatars, mechs, and interstellar real estate.

With breathtaking, high-fidelity visuals, a vast universe of content and quests, challenging and strategic mech combat, and a deep narrative full of memorable action and characters, this is the most advanced experience currently offered in a blockchain game. Animoca Brand, a leading game software company, is behind the development of this game along with Blowfish Studios.

History of Phantom Galaxies

The open-world mech combat game Phantom Galaxies is available in public Alpha, while the beta version’s early access debut is anticipated to take place in Q3 2022. Three of the four episodes in the Alpha version are currently accessible, with another coming along with the beta release.

The developers of Phantom Galaxies, Blowfish Studios, and Animoca Brands are developing a game using decentralized technology and blockchain assets to provide players an exhilarating, science fiction action space shooter with epic mech and Starfighter battle and exploration.

While there has been some controversy over the title, the largest ever to be announced on the blockchain, including issues with bots, server vulnerabilities, and even spam or spoof websites, the project looks to be going strong and is touted as the future of the gaming industry.

How does Phantom Galaxies work?

Even in Alpha, Phantom Galaxies has shown itself to be a high-quality, shared-world space game with a third-person action RPG design. It has excellent mechanics that meet the expectations of a traditional gamer while giving users access to blockchain games’ many advantages.

To play, a player controls a pilot who can hop into a highly customizable mech suit with different stats. The four mech suit classes available to players (as of right now) are Lancer, Buster, Breacher, and Assault.

A lancer suit is sleek, quick, and designed for stealth, pretty much the ‘assassin’ type of build. Many weapons are available on The Buster to crash the adversaries, making it your gunner-type class.

Tanky Breachers are trained to use melee weapons, whereas obvious DPSing Assault class mechs are built for conventional commando operations.

Players frequently have the chance to improve their equipment and get in-game goodies. Additionally, there is a trade station where players can exchange goods.

As a blockchain game, there is a heavy emphasis on NFTs, which give users the ability to purchase and earn in-game assets such as spacecraft, avatars, mechs, and other items.

Players go on tasks where they have to solve puzzles, collect materials to make things, administer markets, and create corporations. NFTs (non-fungible tokens, digital assets with ownership permanently recorded to the blockchain) are helpful in the game and will be linked to in-game items and characters.

Phantom Galaxies NFTs

In Phantom Galaxies, the player’s primary tool for combat and exploration is a mechanized Starfighter. Each Starfighter is represented by an NFT that details its visual appearance and functional characteristics.

Throughout a Starfighter’s lifespan, various tokens must fuse. While some NFTs will be consumed throughout the fusion process, some won’t be and still have an impact on the particular result of the fusion process.

Phantom Galaxies cryptocurrency and tokens explained

Phantom Galaxies will provide a selection of in-game items that are NFTs with actual digital ownership, which means that the owner of these assets can control and benefit from them. Various non-fungible (unique, one-of-a-kind) and fungible (not unique; interchangeable) tokens will be available in Phantom Galaxies for usage in governance, Starfighter fusion, and admittance into specific activities. Uncapped fungible tokens that can be gathered and scavenged in the open universe and then exchanged on the Phantom Galaxies market will stand in for the in-game resources and minerals.

Phantom Galaxies price

All that users need to enter the Phantom Galaxies game is an Origin Series NFT of any type (Poster, Redeemed Poster, or Medal). You’ll be able to see all four episodes of the Alpha Test as a result. Buy an Origin Series NFT through OpenSea.

How to install Phantom Galaxies

Step 1: Purchase an Origin Series NFT via OpenSea.
Step 2: Go to Phantom Galaxies’ official website’s Download page and log in using your wallet.
Step 3: Copy your access code and go to the download page to get the Phantom Galaxies Launcher for Windows or Mac.
Step 4: Run the installation (you might need to select “Run as administrator” depending on your Windows settings). The game will be downloaded and installed by the installer.
Step 5: You must input your unique access code as soon as the page loads. Enter the prompt after pasting your access code there.
Step 6: Explore the Phantom Galaxies universe!

how to install phantom galaxies

How to earn money on Phantom Galaxies

Players can earn real-world money by playing through the storyline and going on missions, thus making resources to sell to other players through the in-game market. They may also compete to control different bases and resource locations in this game. As long as they retain power after being taken, players can receive rewards by staking governance tokens to their holdings.

Additionally, there will be the Phantom Galaxies Governance token or PGToken, which is a passive income source for planet owners. Planet Galaxies intends to implement an emissions multiplier to provide planet owners additional incentives to participate fully in the game.

The number of tokens earned rises thanks to this multiplier. Owners can increase their multiplier by improving their planet, luring players to visit, and remaining active in the game.

Because the game is still in the Alpha stage, how much players can earn is still in flux.

how to install phantom galaxies

Pros and cons of Phantom Galaxies


  • Is an entirely new IP.
  • Customizable mechs, avatars, and more create a lot of interest for players and replay-ability.
  • Tons of modes and collectibles.


  • Initial character purchase to enter the game and further investments in the form of NFTs.
  • A new game in a new field always comes with uncertainties, and with Phantom Galaxies being the first of its kind, that fact will continue to be especially true here.
  • Phantom Galaxies has already proven that it has a lot of potential, but a significant time, effort, and money investment for dedicated players will come alongside the massive amount of modes and collectibles.


Entirely New IP

As one of the most ambitious upcoming play-to-earn projects, Phantom Galaxies delivers an expansive space opera experience that’s complete with triple-A graphics and functionality. The game features immersive storytelling, in-depth lore, and a giant open-world universe that players can explore. While many games in the crypto space are cheap, cash-grab derivatives of similar web2 games, Phantom Galaxies is a truly giant undertaking for the industry.

Customizable mechs, avatars, and more create a lot of interest for players and replay-ability.

Most play-to-earn games feature a single avatar type that players can control to play the game. Phantom Galaxies has players control a pilot avatar that can also hop into a mech vehicle and fight enemies. Upgrades are available for both avatars and mechs, as well as the spacecraft that the game features. Different weapons and equipment lend themselves to different playing types, ensuring that players can re-play the game in many different ways time and time again.

Tons of modes and collectibles.

When playing Phantom Galaxies, players can choose between a host of game modes. While engaging in PvP (player vs. player) battle is the most fleshed out, players can also complete quests, puzzles, and challenges to earn rewards. Along the way, players can not only earn upgrades through gameplay or by purchasing them, but they can also find collectibles hidden by the developers through free-roaming around the open space environment.


NFT investments required along the way.

To play the game, players must purchase an Origin Series NFT (tutorial on this process in the below “Getting Started” section). This means that, unlike many other play-to-earn games, Phantom Galaxies has a fee to get started. Additionally, due to the PvP nature of the game, in order to remain competitive, players must often purchase NFT upgrades for their mechs, ships and avatars.

The development of the game holds uncertainties.

As one of the biggest undertakings in the play-to-earn world, many players expect Phantom Galaxies to remain in active development for a long time. The game sometimes draws comparisons to web2 title “Star Citizen” — a similarly ambitious open-world space game — which has notoriously been in development for 10 years and has still not left its alpha stage. The grand scope of the Phantom Galaxies title leaves some players hesitant to invest their time and money until the developers get farther along in development.

Requires significant player investment.

As far as competitive multiplayer play-to-earn games go, Phantom Galaxies is a contender for the top spot. The game’s familiar mechanics make it a prime target for many seasoned web2 players looking to jump into play-to-earn. This means that competition is red hot and new players face a significant learning and investment curve before they are able to compete with many of the veteran players of the game.

Getting started

Step 1: Purchase an Origin Series NFT via OpenSea.
Step 2: If your wallet is not already connected, you will be prompted to do so on the Origin Series NFTs page. Choose either WalletConnect or MetaMask from the two accessible wallet providers. The next step will include signing into your wallet.
Step 3: After signing in, follow the steps for downloading the game listed above.
Step 4: Have fun playing!

how to install phantom galaxies


Will Phantom Galaxies be free to play?

No, players must purchase an Origin Series NFT (of any type) to play.

What is Phantom Galaxie’s NFT?

Phantom Galaxies mixes an open-world space simulation with a fast-paced mech shooter, RPG elements, and an engaging narrative.

How do you get free NFTs on Phantom Galaxies?

There have been free AirDrops in the past, and more to be announced. You can also play through the story missions to get free NFTs.

Does Phantom Galaxies have a token?

The Phantom Galaxies token will serve as the game’s primary currency, utility, and governance form. It may be used to upgrade mechas, create planets, cast votes in guilds and organizations, and much more.

What is the Phantom Galaxies release date?

Phantom Galaxies is currently in the Alpha stage, with the Beta stage announced for release in Q3 of 2022.

Phantom Galaxies Game Info

  • Genre: RPG
  • Free to Play: No
  • Platform(s): PC, Gaming consoles
  • Blockchain(s): Polygon, Ethereum
  • Token(s): ASTRAFER
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