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Fortitude Burns Extra Tower Supply

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Fortitude, a tower defense type game with Towers as NFTs, has decided to burn 99% of the extra supply of four types of their Towers. These Tower burns are designed to accommodate the fact that the current game design doesn’t require the players to own a large collection of Tower NFTs.

First announced back in January of 2022, Fortitude has held a couple of NFT sales. One, for Clan NFTs, is still ongoing. The other, however, for four specific Tower types, has come to end. And now, a significant portion of the un-purchased supply will be burned forever!

Over this past year the Fortitude team has developed their game and also held a playtest during the summer. As game development progressed, Fortitude realized that they had overminted their NFT Towers. In the current game design, NFT Towers function the same as the Towers built in-game. They just have the advantage of not costing any resources to place. Towns are also limited in the number of Towers they can place, based on their Town level, making large collections less useful in-game.

And so, the Fortitude team decided to burn ~99% of the remaining, unsold Towers. This includes Cannons, Ice Towers, Poison Towers, and Fire Towers. About 2,000 of each Tower remain in Gala’s possession for potential distribution at a later point. Now, if you want one of these four Towers, you’ll have to buy it from the secondary market.

the four types of burned Towers
Fortitude burns extra supplies of four Tower types

Players can still buy Clan NFTs on the store page. To really leverage the play to earn aspects of Fortitude, players will need to be part of a Clan.

What is Fortitude?

Fortitude is an in-development game by Gala Games that is sort of a combination of tower defense and Clash of Clans. Players build workers and fighters, upgrade buildings, harvest resources, fend off attacks, and raid other bases. Players must build up defenses for their town and also train soldiers and heroes to raid other villages for resources. Players queue up for PvP and are matched with someone of equal (or near) level. Players then duel each other with game resources as the prize. Fortitude will include Clan battles, where players team up with Clan members to fight a rival team. And likely one or more leaderboards as well.

Fortitude screenshot
Fortitude screenshot

Clans are NFTs that allow owners to assume the title of King and recruit other Lords to join their Clan. The rarity of the Clan NFT determines the number of Lords that can join. Though every Clan also has the opportunity to level up at a cost of Fortitude tokens, which increases the Clan’s Lord capacity. Members of Clan can win Fortitude tokens by playing, from which the King receives a percentage.

Players can also earn Fortitude tokens by completing missions. Every week, each player receives three potential missions. Completing these missions earns reward points. Accumulate reward points for additional rewards. There are also Crowns, won through PvP battles. Crowns determine a player’s league and their bonus multiplier.

The game will offer a free-to-play mode, but unless you own NFTs or are part of a Clan, you won’t earn tokens. Players can use their NFTs in-game as a way to skip the initial building costs.

Fortitude is currently in development with no announced release schedule.

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