Spider Tanks Official Launch on October 31st

Spider Tanks launch banner

The Spider Tank servers are down for the weekend in preparation for the big launch on Monday. This is both the official launch and the open beta. Which is really just all semantics. What matters is that the game will be live, the token is live, and the players’ results in the arena will have an effect on the game economy!

photo of the first Spider Tank competition
photo of the first Spider Tank competition

On Monday, October 31st, 2pm CST, Spider Tanks officially enters open beta launches. There was some concern from some players about their initial use of the term ‘open beta’, so the Spider Tank team updated their wording to make this an ‘official launch’. But whatever you want to call, the game will still play the same.

Players will soon be able to play this free, MOBA style game, earning rewards tokens along the way. Players will begin moving up and down the leaderboards, accumulating SILK tokens, and battling to be the best Spider Tank Pilots around!

Since it’s part of the Gala Games ecosystem, playing Spider Tanks will still require a Gala Games account. But those are free to make, so the official launch is open to everyone!

For players who really want to invest in Spider Tanks, there is still the option of purchasing a Planetary Node license. Node operators earn rewards for every match that is run on their Node. Node sales come and go. Check on the official store page for the current status.

How to play Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks in action
Spider Tanks in action

Players act as Pilots in Spider Tanks. Every Pilot needs a Tank. And every Tank comes with a few parts. The most important parts are the Body and the Weapon. The Body determines how much armor your tank has, how fast it moves, and how quickly it regains Energy, which is used to trigger abilities.

There are a wide variety of Tank bodies to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. But you almost might want a Weapon. These come in many options as well. From a Gatling gun, to homing missiles, to healing turrets, and more! Your Tank and Weapon selections should match your planned playstyle.

On top of those, players may also equip Skins, or paint jobs for their Tanks, and equip Props. These are cosmetic items, but some do offer small bonuses as well.

And finally, each Player can pick two Abilities for their Tank. Abilities take Energy to use and have cooldowns before they can be used again. Abilities include effects like Shields, Healing, Slows, etc.

The game features several different game types such as Capture the Flag, Team Death Match, and Chicken Chase! Since this is a team based game, having a complementary group of tanks can make a big difference. Is someone playing a big, slow, heavy damage tank? Then maybe you can support them with healing or attacks that slow your enemies down, giving the big tank time to get into position. Or maybe you want a whole team of fast moving tanks for a capture the flag match! There is definitely a lot of room for making strategic decisions.

Matches are usually pretty quick. Tanks don’t gain levels or stats during a game. It’s all about going in with the right setup and achieving the match goals for your team.

For more about Spider Tanks read our how to play guide, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join the Gala Games Discord.

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