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Earn TOWER By Competing in Crazy Kings

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Animoca Brands has updated their tower defense game Crazy Kings to allow players to earn TOWER tokens. Players can earn TOWER tokens by competing in the Grand Tournament Colosseum in Crazy Kings. This is another step in their Tower Experiment, which is aimed at rebuilding a free-to-play game into a play-to-earn game.

The Grand Tournament Colosseum starts on March 16th and ends on March 21st. In total Animoca Brands will be giving away $23.530 worth in TOWER tokens. That’s 456.050 TOWER tokens at the moment of writing.

To qualify for the Grand Tournament Colosseum, you must complete the level “The Grass is Always Greener” (located on the second island in the game). The best player will win 50.000 TOWER, while the number 40 gets 500 TOWER. At the moment of writing TOWER is worth 5 cents, up 27% today. The token can only be obtained through Uniswap.

In the near future Animoca Brands will sell some NFTs that will benefit the Crazy Kings franchise. This game series consists out of two games: Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes. Last year the company already sold some collectibles, but these had no utility inside their game. Soon they will also launch an event inside Crazy Defense Heroes where gamers can earn TOWER.

A bit more about TOWER

TOWER is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that can be used in both Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes. This same token will ultimately also be used in a new and upcoming game in the franchise. Token holders will have governance and voting rights on the game’s direction. In addition these tokens will be part of decentralized finance initiatives, including staking. However, details still need to be revealed about that.

Token owners can use their money to mint new NFTs, which ultimately are in-game cards that can be traded among players. These cards have different powers, values and rarities. Last but not least, there will be tournaments with entry fees and which players can also win tokens.

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