Puffverse Free Mint Registration and Xiaomi Investment

Puffverse Free Mint Registration and Xiaomi Investment

Tech giant Xiaomi has marked its entry into the web3 gaming space by investing in the 3D metaverse, Puffverse. Xiaomi has offered support to this emerging web3 project in the early development stage. The developers of Puffverse aim to build a Disney-like dreamland that would include several mini-games. Currently they are offering free mint, to let the players stand a chance to win Puff Tickets and Puff Genesis.

PuffGo, a skill-to-earn Party Game, was recently launched by Puffverse, allows players to earn rewards by playing various levels of the game. With the partnership of Xiaomi, Puffverse plans to build more such web3 projects together. Xiaomi’s entry into web3 shows the company’s growing ambition for blockchain projects, and it is expected that the company’s expertise in the web2 industry will play a key role in web3 ecosystem development.

Puffverse has also partnered with other companies such as YAHAHA, Mirana, and Unity. It is interesting to note that YAHAHA and Unity already have some connections to Xiaomi. In 2021, YAHAHA announced that it had received $31 million in funding from a series A round in which Xiaomi had participated. On the other hand, YAHAHA is built on the Unity Ecosystem. So the three companies will help Puffverse in scaling up by providing the top resources.

About Puffverse and PuffGo

Puffverse is a Disney-like 3D metaverse project that consists of a multi-end interactive universe with NFT characters and assets. Players can collect and choose multiple characters called Puffs to explore different content in the metaverse. Each character has unique skills, costumes, characteristics, and bonuses. In addition, players can buy, sell and trade in-game items to play, earn and enhance the character’s skills. 


The utility and governance token of Puffverse is $PUFF. It will be used to participate in the governance decisions of Puffverse and for trading assets on secondary markets. Puffverse will launch several web3 projects in the future such as PuffTown, PuffLand, PuffGo and PuffLand.

PuffGo is a 3D casual competitive game developed on the Unity engine. The on-chain multiplayer game allows players to choose different gameplay modes and participate in various game levels using Puff characters. The main characters have their own story and customized skills that play a key role in their strength. 

Players can participate in Casual Mode, Story Mode, Knock-Out mode, and Team mode to increase ranking and rewards. PuffGo Alpha was recently launched on Android, which included web2 features only. The Web3 attributes will be added later to the official version of the game in 2023.

PuffGo Blockchain Game

Puffverse Free Mint

Puffverse has announced the launch of free mint for Puff Tickets and Puff Genesis. The Free Mint Whitelist registration started on September 30, 2022, and will continue for 5 weeks. The last week of registration started on October 28, 2022, and ends on November 3, 2022. The total amount of Puff Tickets and Puff Genesis to be released for Week 5 is 2800 and 120, respectively. Players can visit the official Premint page and register for the whitelisting event. Once you are whitelisted, you can claim your giveaway prize on November 4, 2022.

Make sure you have 0.01 ETH in your wallet address and use that address to register for the Premint Event and complete all the tasks.

Puffverse Free Mint Timeline

The Puff Ticket is used for joining Puff Lottery, getting special access, priority experiences in the Alpha and Beta versions, and priority privileges for limited-edition NFTs. On the other hand, the Puff Genesis is an exclusive NFT collection that allows you to breed new Puffs and receive offline VIP benefits, priority access to Puff token Distribution, and airdropped Passcards.

Puffverse - Puff Ticket and Puff Genesis

You can check out Puff Genesis and Puff Tickets on OpeSea.

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