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Blankos Halloween Event and New Brawls

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It’s that time of year (if you live in a region that celebrates Halloween). But whether you celebrate this holiday or not, expect to see lots of special Halloween themed happenings over the next couple of weeks. Blankos Block Party joins in on the festivities with a special Halloween event and reward.

Blankos at Halloween

Holiday themed events, items, and skins are all popular, in gaming. So it’s no surprise to see similar events in web3 games. Blankos Block Party, a multiplayer experience featuring PvP Brawls and a public Junction for hanging out in, brings a Halloween themed event to their game.

The Halloween event begins on October 19th at 10am PDT (17:00 UTC). During the event, players collect Pumpkin Tokens during Brawl Parties and complete special challenges to earn an exclusive rewards. Players can earn up to 1,000 XP in daily rewards by participating in the event. They will also have the opportunity to win a Darkest Health Gumball. It’s unclear exactly how this works. It might be related to collecting the Pumpkin tokens? But, apparently this prize is a returning item from last year. This Gumball can be used to upgrade a Blanko or to change its color.

a Darkest Health Gumball
a Darkest Health Gumball

You should also expect a bit of a change to the hangout area known as the Junction. It may look a little different for the next couple of weeks! The Halloween event runs until November 2nd.

Blankos Block Party is currently in Season One and the Party Pass (battle pass) already offered spooky Halloween-themed skins as rewards. No word yet on whether Blankos will offer any trick-or-treating.

a new Brawl map
a new Brawl map

In addition, Blankos Block Party recently added 21 new Brawl Parties to their Brawl rotation. All created by players, these selections offer a wide variety of new environments to play in. From a wrestling ring to a race over a lava pit to a sushi battle, these new maps should bring some new life to the game for those who have worn out their interest in the existing maps.

What is Blankos Block Party?

Blankos Block Party is a NFT-powered open-world multiplayer game. Players equip character NFTs, personalize and upgrade characters, and use them to earn rewards by completing challenges and playing games. Players level up their Blankos to unlock new slots, and their Party Pass for special rewards.

The primary game mode is Blankos Brawl, a three round PvP contest in a random selection of games. This can include racing, collecting Vibes, or brawling. Blankos includes a game building feature, letting players create their own maps. Content from players can even be included in the Brawl, ensuring a steady supply of new maps.

Blankos are digital assets stored on the EOSIO blockchain as NFTs and will be owned exclusively by players. Players buy and sell their Blankos within the in-game mythical market and customize them with loot and clothing. Blankos features two currencies – Blankos Bucks and Moola. Blankos Bucks are purchased from the in-game store. Meanwhile, players acquire Moola, the game’s underlying currency, by completing challenges, leveling up, and participating in giveaways.

To learn more about the project check out our video review below and read our Blankos Block Party review and guide.

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