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Halloween Prizes in Chicken Derby

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Chicken Derby, the wacky chicken racing simulator, brings us a new Halloween event. And while past events were open to all chickens, this event is a little different. Only open to Chickens with offensive-based talents, the Halloween Hunt tournament offers NFT rewards and even cash (ETH) prizes to the top finishers!

Though still officially in beta, Chicken Derby already lets players race their Chickens and earn ETH rewards for top 3 placements. The Chicken Derby team has also hosted a series of tournaments, offering exclusive clothing NFTs as special rewards. Now they bring us a new tournament that includes both NFTs and ETH prizes!

Halloween Hunt Tournament

For this Chicken Derby event, known as the Halloween Hunt Tournament, only Chickens with specific traits can participate. Halloween Hunt races are limited to Chickens with the following abilities: Anvil, CK-47, Machete, Blue Egg, Helicopter, Cold Snap, Devolution, and Black Hole. This is a new tournament limitation that they are trying out to see how the playerbase responds. I haven’t seen too many complaints so far, though I imagine those who don’t own a Chicken with the requisite ability might be annoyed at being excluded. But, I guess this may also encourage players to maintain a stable of Chickens rather than just one or two prize winners.

Halloween Hunt races
Halloween Hunt races

Chickens score points for this event based on their finish in the Halloween races. This ranges from 13 points for first place, down to 1 point for last (8th) place. Chickens can only score points for their first 25 Halloween races. Race entry started on October 21st, and runs through November 4th, 6:59pm CST. Each league has its own leaderboard, with the top 10 Chickens in each league winning prizes. First place wins a share of the tournament fund, a Land NFT, a clothing NFT, and a Chicken Derby World Statue NFT. Second place finishers for the tournament receive Land, Clothing, and a Statue, while third place gets a Clothing and Statue NFT. Finally, the fourth through tenth place finishers each win a Halloween Clothing NFT.

Halloween costume prizes
Halloween costume prizes

The tournament fund is generated from 5% of ALL races during the Halloween tournament. Of that fund, 30% of the total goes to the first place finisher in the S League, 25% to A, 20% to B, 15% to C, and 10% to D.

In addition, any Chicken that runs 40 or more Halloween races will win a limited edition Halloween clothing piece, giving every participant a chance to win something.

Aside from the official tournaments, players have also been hosting their own tournaments. Keep an eye on the Chicken Derby Twitter for announcements about this events.

What is Chicken Derby?

Chicken Derby is a chicken racing simulation built on the Polygon network. Each Chicken is a unique NFT that can be entered into races for paid prizes.

Chicken Derby walkway talent
go, chickens, go!

Chickens come in four Heritages — Serama, Sultan, Lakenvelder, and Dorkling, in order of rarity. In addition, there are a number of random cosmetic traits for each Chicken. Ranging from standard white feathers to tiger patterns to robot chickens! Every Chicken also has a special Talent that can trigger during races. This can be something as simple as a short flight, or as extreme as creating a black hole!

Chickens also have Perfection ratings, which affect their race performances. All of the original Spicy breed Chickens have a Perfection Rating of at least 90%. But it’s not always the 100% Perfection Chicken who wins the race. Each Chicken also has hidden preferences for track distance and type as well as a Consistency rating. Discovery of these hidden traits is left up to the players. With seven different terrain types, six different track lengths, and twelve Chickens per race, each with their own preferences, abilities, and racing styles, Chicken Derby features enough variation to ensure that the race outcomes won’t be predetermined.

The game auto-generates races throughout the day, some free, most paid. Players enter their Chickens in a race, and once the race is full, anyone can watch the race unfold live, or view the replay later. Chicken Derby does not have a token. All entry fees and payments are made in WETH. Future, planned updates include Breeding to create new Chickens, cosmetic wearables, land ownership, and a social hub.

concept art for customizeable Chicken clubhouse
concept art for customizable Chicken clubhouse
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