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Continuum World Season 3 and Halloween Event

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Continuum World gives us a release date for season 3 of their pre-game, First Explorers, which this time around will focus on finding Birdums and collecting Eggs. But before that, we have a special, limited-time Halloween event!

Continuum World is ready to bring their gathering game back to the players as they introduce a limited time Halloween event and announce details about their upcoming Season Three of First Explorers.

Halloween Event

This year’s special Halloween event for Continuum World will last for only 48 hours, from October 31st at 12 UTC to November 2nd 12 UTC. During this event players must find and collect pumpkins on the map. Exchange these pumpkins for six different types of Halloween NFTs, each of which will only be available for eight hours!

And players with Halloween costumes can be ready to don their outfits and receive a bonus during this event. Wearing Halloween Pumpkin costume grants +3 drop and increases the odds of a double drop by 27.95%, while the Halloween Cultist costume offers +3 drop and a 10% bonus chance for a double drop.

Season Three

Once the Halloween event is over, we’re on to Season Three! The focus for Season Three will be hunting Birdums and finding eggs.

Hunting Birdums involves first finding a Birdum footprint on the map. Once you click on the footprint, a timed mini-game begins. You will be given a direction and clue to find the next track. Complete several of these tracking tasks before the timer ends. Then, players have one chance to grab the Birdum in a final mini-game that involves clicking the mouse at the right time. Success grants the player Birdum feathers, with thirteen different types available.

Some of the missions in Season Three will require Birdum feathers to complete. These missions will reward Gatcha coins (exchange for eggs in the Gatcha Machine), Golden Feathers, and Ranking Eggs. There will be a special, 3-day, repeating leaderboard for players who collect the most Golden Feathers. Top players from this leaderboard are rewarded with Eggs as well.

Eggs come in different rarities and biome types, with visual differences for each type. Inside of the eggs are Birdums that match the biome and rarity of the egg. Unfortunately, while players will be able to collect Birdum Eggs in Season Three, they won’t be hatchable until the following season.

What is Continuum World?

Continuum World is a fantasy world of sky islands players collect resources and improve their avatars, or UMi. Whether exploring the world or farming their own land, gathering resources is the aim of the game. Used for crafting, upgrades, and Missions (quests), resources come in a variety of types based on the type of biome on the land, and the rarity of the land.

Continuum World is free to play, though those who own land can earn passive income, and those who equip their Umi avatars with NFT items receive bonuses to their harvests.

The official token for Continuum World is $UM. You can find the UM token on QuickSwap (Polygon), Uniswap (Ethereum) or the MEXC Global exchange.

Continuum World is currently running seasons of a gathering focused pre-game called First Explorers. Players can gather resources and exchange them for various NFT items. The next phase of the game is known as First Settler and will include using avatars to explore the world

To learn more about Continuum World, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

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