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Planet Mojo Reveals Mojo Melee Gameplay

Mojo Melee banner

Planet Mojo closed out their mint for Moj Seeds in early June, with the first Mojos hatching a few weeks later. Soon, Mojo owners will be able to use their NFTs in the first game from Planet Mojo called Mojo Melee. An auto-battler style game, Mojo Melee features teams of Mojos and Champions fighting for rewards and glory in various battle arenas!

In a recent blog post, Planet Mojo revealed a number of details about their upcoming auto-battler game called Mojo Melee. With free-to-play and play and earn options, Mojo Melee prepares to join the blockchain gaming scene with a big splash!

Mojo Melee offers both ranked and unranked matches, with two play options — Duels and Brawls. Duels, as the name suggests, are one on one combats, with the first to win 3 rounds declared the victor. Brawls are a sort of mini-tournament, with eight players fighting for the top spot in multiple, multiplayer matches.

Mojo Melee Gameplay

Playing a game requires 1 Mojo, 4 Champions, and 2 Spellstones. Players are given a number of free Champions when creating their account, so you don’t have to own any Champion NFTs. However, owning duplicate Champions allows players to power up their units in the arena! Champions come in various classes such as barbarian, paladin, etc. The standard fantasy style stuff. Each Champion has their own special ability. So picking the right combination of Champion classes can be an important strategic choice.

Mojo Melee screenshot
Mojo Melee screenshot

Spellstones can give buffs to your team, boost a single unit, or be placed on the battle boards as traps for your opponent. Spellstones are tied to particular sub-classes of Mojos, and only those Mojos can use them. Players purchase Spellstones with the gold allowance they’re given at the start of the match. This gold can also be used to summon additional Champions from the reserves.

Some of the details are still lacking in regards to actual gameplay. Such as, does the player have any input beyond placing units on the board? But what we do have so far sounds intriguing. And free to play with play to earn opportunities is always a bonus!

Play Modes, BattlePasses, and Free to Play

Mojo Melee play rewards

In addition to ranked and unranked modes, Mojo Melee will have quests, and BattlePasses players can level up for special rewards. Everyone gets a free BattlePass, but purchasing the Premium BattlePass opens up additional rewards such as Spellstones, Champions, and even Moj seeds (used to make new Mojos)!

Mojo Melee offers a selection of non-NFT Champions for every account, allowing free to play players a chance to enjoy the game. Free players will also be assigned to a random Mojo at the start of each match. Players can use their in-game earnings to buy new Champions from the store.

As for play and earn, those who earn enough points in-game, and level up their Champions, will be able to mint them as NFTs.

But, of course, the real rewards will be for those who own Mojo and Champion NFTs. Players with Planet Mojo NFTs receive Challenge Points based on their collection size. They spend these Challenge Points for special quests with additional rewards. So potentially, a player could be gaining Battlepass points, working on their daily quests, and working on their Challenge quest. All at the same time!

If you are interested, watch the interview with Mike Levine, funder of planet Mojo.

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