Nine Chronicles NFT Mint

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The Nine Chronicles mint begins today, though it’s limited to those on the Allowlist for the first 23 hours. These cat-themed, unique, PFP NFTs offer membership to a special group known as D:CC, or De:Centralized Cat. As you might guess, this comes with various perks. Limited to 2,800 NFTs, this NFT sale only lasts for two days!

The sale is for unique, PFP portraits from D:CC, or De:Centralized Cat. As Nine Chronicles is a cat-themed game, these PFPs are cat themed as well and offer owners a pass into the D:CC society. Players can equip their NFTs as in-game costumes, though they also offer additional benefits.

The details of these benefits are still unrevealed, but the team talks of exclusive rewards, in-game items, and additional currencies only available to D:CC members. Also, all of the D:CC members have a vote in future collaborations.

In addition, owners of these NFTs receive full commercial rights to use their NFTs image as they see fit!

mint schedule

Pionyan NFT Sale

The mint for these Nine Chronicles NFTs kicked off today for those on the Allowlist at Those on the Waitlist must wait a little longer to receive their access. And then, a public sale opens on September 22nd, at 19:00 UTC. The public sale only lasts for a few hours.

These NFTs are known as ‘Piyonan’, which is an amalgam of Pioneer and Nyan. Each one is unique. They come with various features, including background , hair styles, skin, eyes, ears and tail, and accessories. There are 3,000 NFTS in total with 200 reserved for the team and future promotions.

Purchases are made using WNCG (Wrapped Nine Chronicles Gold) token, with gas fees paid in Ethereum. You can acquire WCNG via Paraswap, or potentially on other decentralized exchanges

Those on the Allowlist and Waitlist pay 999 WCNG during the first phases of the presale. But once we get to the open presale, everyone pays 0.1 ETH per mint.

some potential PFPs

What is Nine Chronicles?

Nine Chronicles is an open-source MMORPG game that is decentralized through the Libplanet engine. There are different ways to play the game — Adventure, Miners, Merchants, and Politicians. The main token of the game is NCG – Nine Chronicles Gold. Players equip their characters with weapons and armor and provide them with food before heading out on adventures.

The game’s main attraction is the idle MMORPG, which means you have no control over your character once you leave the game, and you can come back later on. Players buy and sell equipment, craft items, and modify characters. Once an adventure starts, players can watch and wait. The character will continue its journey, completing stages until the character falls in battle or energy gets depleted.

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