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Mojo Melee Season Two and Amazon Partnership

Mojo Melee season 2 banner

The first season of Mojo Melee came to a close today. But, with only a short downtime, we launch into season two, which includes a special partnership with Amazon, offering exclusive drops to Amazon Prime members who link their accounts to Mojo Melee!

Season One was dubbed Emergence of Champions, while Season Two is called Mark of Deception. Like Season One, Season Two comes with new Champions, new Spellstones, and a new Battle Pass.

Our new Champions is Haile Tebab, who can mark a target on the other team for focus fire. The Spellstones are Haste and Chaos. Haste speeds up the attack rate of the Champion or Mojo it is attached to, and Chaos causes a unit’s attacks to have a chance to daze their target. Potentially a very powerful combo!

And to kick off the season, Planet Mojo has announced a partnership with Amazon Prime. Players with an Amazon Prime account can now link to Mojo Melee and claim special prizes for the next six months. The first prize pack includes an NFT of Gwyn Rockhopper (a great support Champion when used correctly) and a bag of Ore (an in-game currency) to help level up your Mojos and Champions. Once accounts are linked and the current prize claimed, players will be able to access their free rewards through the in-game store.

For anyone new to Mojo Melee, the team is holding a learn the game, Discord event on August 3rd.

Mojo Melee amazon banner

Thoughts on Mojo Melee

Unfortunately, this new season still doesn’t bring us a chance to mint our digital collectibles. Though I’m not still entirely sure what that means. There was supposed to be some feature included that allowed NFT minting once you had promoted a Champion up to level 20. But all we hear is ‘coming soon’, and no further details on what exactly we are minting. More Champions for use in-game? There are already plenty on the market.

And the new Amazon partner promotion, while cool, also devalues existing NFTs by minting potentially thousands more just out of the blue! Now if this promotion brought in thousands of new players, that would be one thing. But when you offer something for free in the web3 space, that’s a grab and dump opportunity for most.

And Mojo Melee, while fun at first, gets a little tedious after a while. There is limited variety in units (though it does expand a little each season), they don’t release balance patches during the season, leaving unfun combos in the game, their new skins available at the in-game store are nothing more than basic palette changes on the existing costumes, they tend to have buggy launches of their seasons, they haven’t provided a valuable use case for owning any game NFTs, and we don’t even have any official notes about this new season at all!

But, despite all of that, I’m still holding out some hope that Mojo Melee can succeed.

mojo melee gameplay screenshot

How to Play Mojo Melee

Mojo Melee, is a fantasy themed, auto-battler, running on the Polygon blockchain. Players build teams consisting of 1 Mojo unit, 4 Champion units, and 2 SpellStones. These teams then fight for dominance in the arena!

Each team can bring up to two SpellStones to a match. Every Spellstone has a special ability. Spellstones fall into three groups — Attachments, which are put with a unit to provide it with the Spellstone’s ability, Offensive Spellstones which are placed on the opponents side and affect enemy units in their range, and Team Spellstones, which provide team bonuses.

Mojos are automatically deployed at the start of the battle and can be upgraded during a match like the other units. Players receive ten gold at the start of every round. Any gold not spent carries over to the next round. During the preparation phase, players use their gold to place units and Spellstones onto the battlefield. Players can upgrade units and Spellstones by purchasing additional copies and placing them on the same tile. Players can upgrade each unit and spellstone as many as three times.

Once both players are done preparing, the game enters auto-battle mode and the teams fight it out until only one is left or time runs out. Each unit type has a number of different stats including health, armor, attack damage, and even targeting priority. These all factor into the team’s behavior and results during a match.

Units have special abilities that can trigger when they gain enough Energy. Some Champions even start the match with full Energy! Spellstones activate once at the start of a round and immediately provide their buff or effect.

To learn more about Mojo Melee, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

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