Splinterlands Announces DYGYCON 11 on the 23rd of September


Splinterlands is adamant in its schedule for the hit online event “DYGYCON”, and is ready to kick off the weekend with the 11th release.

DYGYCON is a bimonthly multiverse-run event sponsored by Splinterlands and hosted on Inverse, a new event platform where each participant gets a custom avatar and can explore different avenues, 3d environments, and small activity rooms. 

Several posts about the event run on Peakd, a Hive-powered dApp, and the even has a Twitter handle to follow all updates. This month’s release also features a revamped Discord channel.

The event announcement comes shortly after Splinterlands finalized the details for their first in-person event in Las Vegas, “Splinterfest”.

How to Join DYGYCON 11

DYGYCON 11 is completely free to join, and anyone interested in participating can RSVP on the main website and/or register on Inverse in advance.

With prizes, SWAG, sponsor booths, and talks from industry experts in blockchain, gaming, collectibles and DeFi, attendance of DYGYCON is packed with value.

Before the event, the venue will be password-protected for sponsors and vendors to set up. You can still register to be notified about the event. 

The event will open the doors for everyone to join the 23th of September at 9am UTC and conclude the schedule on the 25th at 10pm UTC. You probably don’t want to miss the main event on September 24th at 6pm UTC.

DYGYCON 11 Schedule

The full schedule for the event is clearly outlined on the Inverse landing page. However, let’s take a quick look at what will be available.

All DYGYCON events feature: 

  • A fully 3d environment where players can move, interact, talk with each other, and join in group discussions; 
  • Fishing, Mini Golf, Corn Hole Toss, and Marshmallow roasting emulators;
  • Main Stage, Large Stage with Dance Floor and DJ Booth;
  • A great selection of sponsor boots with free SWAG available for participants; 
  • Presentation Rooms & Community Lounge;
  • NFT Auction houses to buy NFTs;
  • Livestream view overlay while you explore;
  • Scavenger Hunts.

The latter in particular are fans’ favorites! 

It’s quite common for sponsors to include some generous prices for attendees that finalize the Scavenger Hunt. You can learn more about the rules and how to join on the DYGYCON website.

If you’re interested in web3 gaming and want to know more about what’s next, DYGYCON is the place to be. You’ll e-meet tons of digital friends that will help you through your journey.

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