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A Quick Introduction into Beyond Earth Online

beyond earth online alpha demo screenshot

The top-down action MMO Beyond Earth Online launched its first NFT collection last week, and I think the game looks pretty interesting. Because you can still find their NFTs relatively cheap on the secondary market, it’s probably worth it to talk about this game. However, Beyond Earth Online launched its NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, making the transactions quite expensive.

Beyond Earth Online (BEO) describes itself as the first NFT-powered MMORPG, forgetting about Chainmonsters, Ember Sword, Mist, Treeverse, Dungeon Universe and plenty of others. However, the game sets itself apart with its top-down isometric view on the game world. The game features elements of role playing games and exploration. However, this NFT-powered game also wants to embrace play-to-earn mechanics. In the near future the team will also introduce pets, vehicles, aliens, and unique NFT collectibles.

The world of Beyond Earth Online is set in 2035, a time when humanity has been genetically enhanced, and almost exterminated after an alien invasion. The team will fill the world with new locations, quest lines, crafting, and in the future also a land sale. Users and community ambassadors will be able add their own content to the game world as well, even though details on that are a bit scarce.

Right now you can buy game characters for Beyond Earth Online, each of them an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. They launched the sale on October 9th with mints costing 0.08 ETH, and right now the floor price on OpenSea is 0.03 ETH. That’s far below the minting price. Buy opportunity or alarm bell? I leave that to you.

You can give the game a try before investing, simply by visiting their website and downloading the launcher. The demo is available for PC and Mac.

The road ahead for Beyond Earth Online

Since they just launched the Human Collection, the alpha demo release should soon receive updates, introducing players to many new locations. The town will then become a city, quest lines will open up, crafting will be introduced and they will sell Pet NFTs. Ultimately there will also be a land sale, there will be multiple planets, a marketplace and plenty of new races.

The first alien race they plan to introduce will be the Martians, followed by the Anunaki, Reptilians, and Greys. The game will also introduce space travel, and the roadmap suggests an area called Sector SOL. Whether this has something to do with the Solana blockchain isn’t very clear right now.

In addition, timing on the roadmap also is unclear. The roadmap doesn’t provide any scheduling, but is presented as a to-do list.

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