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Claim A Free Hero When You Pre-Register for Blocklords

blocklords heroes

Blocklords has launched its limited-time Hero Sale Event where you can pre-register to get a free Basic Chest. This chest will contain 5 Banners, which you can then trade to claim your free Early Access Hero NFT. While this particular promo first went live on June 20th, the Blocklords team has not yet disclosed when exactly it’s going to end.

That means you might want to take advantage of the free Hero offer while the pre-registration is still open. The process is quite simple. It only involves creating your Blocklords account via email, following Blocklords on Twitter, and then connecting your Metamask wallet. Once you’ve done all that, all you need to do next is wait for the Hero Sale to begin.

Pre-register for Blocklords and Get “Whitelisted”

Apparently, completing the pre-registration for Blocklords also means getting “whitelisted” for the Hero Sale event. If you’re whitelisted, then you will receive a free Basic Banner Chest.

Blocklords has 3 kinds of chest: Basic, Silver, and Gold. The rarity of the Banners will depend on the type of Banner Chest. During the Hero Sale, you may purchase additional Basic Chests using your Metamask wallet. Meanwhile, you need to burn Heroes to claim Silver Chests and win a special weekly lottery to own Gold ones.

If you want to get your hands on one of Blocklords’ first Lord and Lady Heroes, having the right Banners will be your key. You will have to trade a certain combination of Banners for a particular Genesis Hero.

By the way, Blocklords’ mobile integration can still be a bit medieval, so it’s best to pre-register here using your PC. The game team will begin distributing the free Basic Chests when the Hero Sale begins.

What is Blocklords?

BloIcklords is a dynamic grand strategy game set in the medieval period. Its overall gameplay revolves around farming, fighting, ruling, and conquering.

If you’re familiar with the way civilizations are developed in Age of Empires, the intense battles in Total War, the intriguing strategy and political moves in Crusader Kings, plus the farming mechanics of Stardew Valley, then you already have an overview of Blocklords’ gameplay.

Interestingly, Blocklords sets itself apart by making the game player-centric. You can start as a Farmer, change roles and be a Raider or a Knight, or step up to be a Lord or a Lady. If you’ve proven yourself worthy, you can even be a Ruler. All other players can evolve the same way, and their decisions can affect your virtual medieval life in the game. You influence other players the same way, too. If, for example, you become a Lord over a region and you tax too high, your citizens (other players) might rebel against you.

In short, Blocklords embraces a dynamic game narrative based on the players’ choices. As you put all your effort and genius into this strategy game, your Hero’s value will also increase. Even a Farmer Hero NFT can be incredibly valuable, as its value depends on its utility within the Blocklords universe. In this game’s asymmetrical economy, players will be able to define their own value.

Currently, Blocklords is still in the development phase, but it has already attracted the investment of big names such as Animoca Brands. The team members behind Blocklords have also worked on AAA titles before. During the Game Developer Conference in California in March 2022, Blocklords attracted about 17,000 attendees to experience a live game demo through VR.