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Blocklords Taken Offline After Major Bug

blocklords bug maintenance

Seascape Network has taken their flagship strategy game Blocklords offline after they discovered a major bug. Immediately after discovery the team shut down the servers. According to their announcement on Twitter, the server maintenance will take 48 hours. They expect the game to be back online on December 4th at 11:00 UTC.

Some players discovered that the items they created in the game, were missing from their inventory. Seascape Network doesn’t like the smith stealing items from the forge, and decided to patch these issues. Blocklords players will receive some form of compensation when the bug has been fixed.

Blocklords is an important game for Seascape Network. The developers want to make games that can be played infinitely. Having a solid game economy with elements like crafting and trading, is crucial. But then the smith should not be running off with newly forged weaponry!

The grand strategy game went into open beta in June. Blocklords runs on the Ethereum blockchain, but also has a presence on Tron and NEO. Blocklords uses the Matic Network in order to deal with the gas fees on Ethereum.

What is Blocklords?

Blocklords is a grand strategy game in which players are a hero, amassing an army to conquer the massive open world. On their journey players will find items, and they can sell these, or keep them. In addition they need to build alliances with other players.

Blocklords takes gamers to a medieval time when power was determined through strength, cunning and the ability to use your wealth against others. Thrown into the dark ages, players must do whatever it takes to survive. Blocklords has an user-driven economy, on-chain PVP battles, and grand strategy outlook. Create your unique lord and build a dynasty that will see you raise to the top, or die trying. The choice is yours!

The game stores all heroes, items and in-game resources on the blockchain, making them immutable and preventing fraud. The blockchain also adds the possibilities for a player-owned government. For example, all in-game nations are ruled entirely by players, and economic and social policies are all set by nation leaders. The map contains a set amount of cities and villages. Therefore, more players means more battles for control.

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