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Blocklords Coming to Mobile Devices

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Seascape Network announced that their grand strategy game Blocklords will get a mobile version. Currently gamers can only play the blockchain game on their desktop. At the same time the studio is adding all kinds of elements from decentralized finance to Blocklords.

Despite the intention, there’s no mention of a launch date. However, Seascape Network is known for moving fast. So maybe we will play Blocklords on our mobile devices within the next few months.

But also keep an eye on decentralized finance in Blocklords. Liquidity mining will be their first step. Instead of introducing users to liquidity pools and other terminology, Seascape Network wants to gamify the experience of liquidity mining and incorporate that into Blocklords. They acknowledge that liquidity mining itself is already gamified finance, but will make it an element of actual gameplay.

The majority of games are being played on mobile devices. That’s why Seascape wants to bring their flagship title to smartphones and tablets. Since the last quarter of 2020, the studio started implementing DeFi elements into their game. This will benefit all gamers, but financially this will especially be beneficial to those in developing countries.

The development company is working on a lot more projects. One of their upcoming products is the Scape Store. This game store allows cross-chain transactions of in-game assets. Because the developers built it using Substrate, the platform will connect to for example Polkadot, Algorand and Ethereum.

What is Blocklords?

Blocklords launched into open beta in June 2020. The game takes gamers to a medieval time when strength, cunning and the ability to use your wealth against others determined your power. Thrown into the dark ages, players must do whatever it takes to survive. Blocklords has an user-driven economy, on-chain PVP battles, and grand strategy outlook. Create your unique lord and build a dynasty that will see you raise to the top, or die trying. The choice is yours!

The game stores all heroes, items and in-game resources on the blockchain, making them immutable and preventing fraud. The blockchain also adds the possibilities for a player-owned government. For example, all in-game nations are ruled entirely by players, and economic and social policies are all set by nation leaders. The map contains a set amount of cities and villages. Therefore, more players means more battles for control.

Even though the Ethereum blockchain is the main attraction, Blocklords also offers support for Tron and NEO. By playing, gamers can create value and sell their items on the open marketplace. On the Ethereum blockchain the game uses the Matic side-chain for cheaper and faster transactions.

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