Introducing The Harvest: MOBA Shooter Enrolling Alpha Testers

The Harvest NFT MOBA with Cards

The Harvest is a fresh new take on MOBA class-based shooters and is currently being developed on Solana. Their first NFT launch is set for the 7th of July, and players can already try it out by joining the official discord channel.

The Harvest is being developed at breathtaking speed, with live playing sessions every week. Guilds and GameFi platforms are also joining in the hype, providing tournaments with cash prizes up to $2000 for the winners.

The Harvest Gameplay

In the game, you fight with your teammates from different civilizations against other players to take control of the universe’s essence. Essence is shared amongst all team members.

There are various essence harvesting locations on the map. Since extractors have a finite amount of essence, players standing inside their field of impact will continue to collect that essence until it is completely depleted.

During the session, players can kill each other. If the player kills an enemy, he will take the essence of his dead body. 

The most effective way to gather essence, however, is to conquer an enemy team base. The team base is where the essence collected is stored. Players can assault the bases of other teams and steal their harvested essence.

Team members will immediately be notified if someone is stealing essence from their base, and they will be able to recall the base. This mechanic makes the game very fast-paced, although the map is quite big.

Gathering essence helps players gather experience points, which will make their hero level up. Heroes can level up 5 times during a game. When the hero upgrades to the next level, the player can choose one card (representing an ability) to attach and start using it right away.

Cards can give your hero new skills or enhancements. While some cards are general and may be connected to any hero, others are hero-specific, such as shields that may only be offered to support classes.

Alongside PvP objectives, The Harvest offers several PvE components inside its map. During the game, players can fight bosses and gain buffs or extra essence for their team. In the future, PvE will acquire substantial meaning during the gameplay. 

The further the game progresses, the harder the bosses become to defeat, and the bigger the danger, the greater the rewards. These bosses can be compared to the “jungle” in most MOBA games.

The developers want to include more mechanics in the upcoming editions. As a brief spoiler, one will likely be the map automatically decreasing to draw people to the centre, à la Fortnite, to speed up the game and prevent players from wandering around a large area.

Play The Harvest For Free

Free players will receive a few minor benefits in the game. You do need to know how to aim accurately because The Harvest is ultimately a shooter game, despite your perks and powers.

The good news is that you can start playing The Harvest right now.

The community is very active and hosts a “Play AND Earn” event daily on their discord channel. Interested players can sign up for upcoming play sessions and earn free NFT cards they will then receive in their wallets once minted.

You will need to enter a voice channel in order to play. The game is still in pre-alpha and doesn’t allow for practical matchmaking.

However, the team is very helpful and will help you set everything up. You can register for the next session here

If you become particularly good, make sure to check their announcements on Discord. That’s where they post all tournaments with cash prizes.

The Harvest NFT Assets

The Harvest game will include five main NFT types: cards (premium or common), boosters, decks, skins, and battle tags. Although not technically NFTs, heroes are also a big component in The Harvest, and there are currently 4 available. 

Some cards will be provided by default to everyone since they’re required during the gameplay. However, NFT cards will have better and stronger abilities.

Cards represent abilities, and they feature a rarity and level. Cards can be upgraded and might have a maximum number of uses. They could also come with shiny elements such as glossy images or impactful special graphics.

Although the cards, which offer an exciting gameplay style and in-game bonuses, are by far the most significant NFT kind, everything in The Harvest will be owned by players, and it’s likely that more NFT types may be produced in the future.

The first NFT mint for the cards is on July 7th, and you can read more information here. 

The Harvest Tokenomics

The Harvest Shooter Sniper

Two tokens will be available in The Harvest: $HAR and $EOL. No token will be released prior to the game going live, the development team has been adamant.

They’re deep believers of the “game-first” approach and clearly stated they believe a project can’t launch a successful token before they develop and release a fun, engaging game. 

Due to their ideology on this, we don’t have many details on tokenomics. What we do know is that they’re developing it on Solana, but will push it cross-chain as soon as possible. 

$HAR will be the governance token, while $EOL will constitute in-game rewards. Every big mechanic in the game, such as levelling up cards, will require a portion of $EOL to happen.

They have a PhD working with them on developing a sound, long-lasting internal economy. You can keep yourself posted by reading their whitepaper, on the tokenomics side, a few times per month.

Closing thoughts on The Harvest Game

In a short amount of time, The Harvest managed to get significant PR, partner with huge investors like Fractal, and engage a large community of tens of thousands across Twitter, Discord, and their YouTube channel filled with great videos. The game is also streameable on Twitch.

Their game is fascinating, and we can say it since we tried it first-hand! 

Although some mechanics might be a little buggy or nonsensical right now, the team is actively working on fixing every detail promptly. The game right now is very different from what it was even just one month ago.

After the first NFT mint on the 7th of July, the team will focus its roadmap on new heroes, better management of the map, and new PvE mechanics.

They also announced they will release new matchmaking possibilities, and most likely we will see a private tournament platform inside the game very soon.

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