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DragonMaster, a New Play to Earn, Real-Time-Strategy MOBA

Dragon Master

DragonMaster is a brand new play to earn MOBA where you play within a metaverse of super-powered Dragons. Dragons that you can collect, capture, complete missions, and lead into battles with other players. Their genesis egg drop will go live between December 24th and 28th, with a beta test on December 30!

Lemuria, the Dragon Metaverse, and the quest for Totem

DragonMaster takes place in Lemuria, the world of dragons.  Lemuria has multiple realms, and each realm is home to a unique type of dragon.  Players will encounter many dragon types, some of the different types are:

  • Freeze Dragon – Born in glaciers it holds the power of ice.
  • Bomb Dragon – A born scientist with a specialty in explosives.
  • Thunder Dragon – The offspring of Zeus and lighting powered.
  • Titan Dragon – An ancient species with the essence of sun and moon.

DragonStone Island is one of the most famous locations in Lemuria.  It has long been the site of fierce competitions between dragon tribes.  Long ago ancient dragon priests carved totems on stones there.  By doing this, they hoped to allow the Totems to absorb energy from Lemuria’s core. This created the Totem Stones, which are now powerful and filled with energy.    

Totem stone is a key ingredient in the manufacture of Dragon Crystal.  Dragon tribes now battle in the arenas, fighting for the power that the totem stones bring!

Dragon Master Arena

The security of Ethereum with the low fees of Polygon

What sets this project apart from competitors is the thought that went into the development.  As a result, it became apparent that blockchain was only going to give part of the solution. To enhance playability, the project team is also using existing game technology. They combined that with the security of Ethereum and the low fees from polygon.  Apart from being awesome, the final product will be secure, have great gameplay, and with low fees.

Totem and Dragon Master Token (DMT)

Totem is at the core of the economy in DragonMaster.  DragonMaster Token (DMT) is at the heart of the DOA. Both have a purpose in the game.  The two combine to create an ecosystem that sustains itself, owned by players for players to enjoy.

Toten and DMT Tokenomics


Players can look forward to multiple in-game options.  They can battle it out in PVP with a season-by-season ranked leader board. A daily mission system allows them to earn rewards.  A player can trade dragons, breed dragons, or HODL them in a collection.

Future Development

The project team intends on developing Dragon Master over the coming years. This includes going from a blockchain Play To Earn game into a Dragon Metaverse. The vision includes virtual characters, property, even businesses. This will also include the sale of land to enable players to build villages.

Players will also be able to engage in future global tournaments. The team also wants to transition to a completely decentralized organization.

To find out more check out the DragonMaster website and follow play to earn online.


What is Dragon Master

Dragon Master is the first game to combine Real Time Strategy (RTS), MOBA, and blockchain.  It’s being developed by gaming studio Magic Hat.  Taking place on Lemuria, a metaverse Dragon World, players can collect, breed, earn, and through the DAO own part of the gaming ecosystem.

Magic Hat is an international gaming studio founded in the UK and with a team of approximately forty globally.  Magic Hat’s main goal is to create games that will be loved by players all over the world.

To learn more visit the website or read the whitepaper.

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