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WAX Announces Music Mogul

Music Mogul banner

After already publishing Blockchain Brawlers, WAX Studios continues it’s journey into game production with a new project called Music Mogul. Music Mogul is a play to earn game based around collecting and upgrading a collection of Artists to rise to the top of the record label business. Do we know anything about this game? Not really. But we do know that packs will be sold, and it will feature an NFT burning, upgrade mechanic.

This is now the second game for WAX studios. And so far, it seems that their first release, Blockchain Brawlers has been a success. Will Music Mogul be a worthy follow-up release?

At first look, Music Mogul feels like another staking and idle clicker game. But, the team claims that the game includes strategic decision making and requires attentiveness from the players. They also promise a use for low Star rated Artists in addition to the high powered Stars. In Music Mogul, players own a record label where they try to find the best talent and build a musical empire. The game is play to earn, though we don’t know any details yet. I assume it will have some sort of token emission.

Pop Genre Artist Talent Pack

Music Mogul sale info

Talent Packs go on sale on June 28th, 10am PST. This sale features the Pop Genre Artist Talent Pack. The number of packs for this sale is limited to 5,000 and there is no whitelist. It will just be a free for all purchase, which used to be a crazed scene a year ago. We’ll see if this sale generates significant interest. 5,000 packs is a relatively small number compared to some other releases.

Each pack costs $75 in WAX and contains 25 NFTs. In all, there are 25 different Artist NFTs in this collection. Each comes with a Star rating, from one to five, with more Stars meaning higher rarity. Players use the Mogul Star maker to upgrade their Artists. Upgrading requires burning copies. You must use Artist NFTs that are of the same artist and the same Star rating when upgrading.

In the case of Music Mogul, upgrading cards becomes significantly more difficult for each rarity rank. Upgrading from one Star to two Stars requires three cards, while upgrading from four Stars to five Stars takes nine cards! If you wanted to upgrade all the way to legendary (five Stars) from just one Star cards, you would need 648 copies of the same NFT!

But this is kind of standard stuff these days. And while I think the idea of running a music business is interesting, they are really going to need to build this game into something more than staking and clicking to compete in the current blockchain space. Maybe if it ties in to actual music NFTs somehow…

The game should launch this fall. Hopefully we’ll see a whitepaper and / or a couple of good AMAs soon. To watch for updates, keep an eye on their channel in the WAX Discord server and their Twitter.

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