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Blockchain Brawlers – Interview with Michael Rubinelli, Head of WAX Studios

This week we had the honor to interview Michael Rubinelli, head of WAX Studios, to discuss their upcoming title, Blockchain Brawlers. Michael goes in details about the Blockchain Brawlers gameplay, the game’s economy and gives us some insights about some nice upcoming projects on WAX.

In the first part of the interview, Mike and Bruno discuss Blockchain Brawlers, how the game is going to work, the different Brawlers’ attributes depending on their rarity level and he tells us more about the game’s economy.

Mike also tells us about his favorite projects on the WAX ecosystem. Be sure to check it out, there might be a couple of gems for you there…

To conclude the interview, we asked Mike what, in his opinion, makes a play-to-earn project successful.

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Who is Michael Rubinelli?

Michael Rubinelli is a technology & gaming leader with 15+ years of experience in executive leadership and product development. Michael is renowned for his success at top corporations including Disney, THQ, Electronic Arts.

He is now the head of WAX Studios and leading the product development of Blockchain Brawlers and future NFT Games of the studio.

What is Blockchain Brawlers?

Developed by WAX Studios, an offshoot of the official WAX organization, Blockchain Brawlers is an upcoming play to earn game. Looking like a mixture of WWE, Mexican wrestling, and cage match brawls, Blockchain brawlers brings some some wrestling zaniness to the gaming world.

Expected to launch in early Q2 2022 the game will not be free to play. Players need a Brawler and a Ring NFT to participate in the play-to-earn activities. Rare and Legendary Rings allow multiple participants for extra insanity! Brawlers face off against opponents to earn BRWL, the official Blockchain Brawlers token. Higher rarity Brawlers earn more and they can also be equipped with weapons for additional bonuses. In addition to earning BRWL tokens, players have a chance to find gold NFTs after a match. These will be used for special upgrades.