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Music Mogul Gameplay and Screenshots

Music Mogul sneak peek banner

Music Mogul, in preparations for an upcoming release, revealed gameplay details and screenshots for their music business management simulation. Including the use of NFTs and play and earn potential, Music Mogul is the second game in development by Tyranno Studios.

Music Mogul gave us a general overview of their game mechanics a few months back, but now we have more details and some interface screenshots as well!

At its core, Music Mogul is a complex, music-themed, stake and earn system with weekly leaderboards. Using Artists, Studio Crew, and Equipment NFTs, players send their musicians to record songs and go on tour, earning Cred in the process. Players then use Cred to acquire studio gear and crew to help record higher quality singles.

send your Artists on tour
send your Artists on tour

Touring, Recording and Charts

Touring involves sending an Artist out to earn Cred. Some Tours require certain Artist rarities or genres or even an initial payment. Once engaged, Artists are locked into the Tour for the listed time and receive a payout when completing the tour.

Recording involves selection a recording room, and assigning Crew, Equipment, and an Artist. Higher rated recording rooms can stack more Crew and Equipment, increasing the potential rating for the recording. Higher rated songs place higher on the charts, which will function as a competitive leaderboard in Music Mogul

Each week will feature a specific genre for the leaderboard. Only tracks that fit the genre can be submitted for consideration. Winner of these competitions receive “C-Notes” as rewards. Players use C-Notes to purchase more Artists for their label, or to access higher end recording studios.

Players share the same reward pools, with the top players receiving significantly higher payouts. As more players join, the payouts spread among more Artists, resulting in less income, and potentially making those top spots more vauable.

More about Music Mogul?

The dashboard for the player interface is the Label tab. Here players can see their current status, as well as the statuses of all their Artists, Crew, and Equipment. Artists who are on tour or recording will have a timer showing how long until they complete their current assignment.

Music Mogul will also feature Syndicates, their version of guilds or clans. At first release, this will just be a placeholder for future additions to the game.

Players can visit the in-game store to purchase Crew and Equipment. The available selections are randomized, but refresh periodically. Or players can choose to manually re-roll for a payment in Cred. Since Equipment used in the Recording Studio is single use only, players will probably make visits to the Shop quite often.

In order to keep the game fresh, Artists’ popularity will rise and fall over time, forcing players to keep an eye on things and make adjustments to their Recording and Touring plans. Artists also gain experience from being active, which can affect their Recording results.

Music Mogul is built by Tyranno Studios (formerly known as Wax Studios). Tyranno has not announced a release date for Music Mogul, but their social media has been very active lately, so I would not be surprised to see an official announcement soon!

To learn more about Music Mogul, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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