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Blockchain MMORPG Mist to Launch 3D NFT Marketplace

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The blockchain-powered online role playing game Mist reached a major milestone by unveiling a new NFT marketplace that will allow players to purchase NFTs in a 3D environment. Players can view NFTs that represent pets, mounts, armor, weapons, and more assets that will be used in the game.

The developers behind Mist decided they didn’t want a “boring” NFT catalog-style marketplace. Instead, they set out to create a 3D marketplace for players to explore. Designed to mimic real gameplay, players can get a taste of the upcoming MMORPG while exploring the marketplace.

In order to make the marketplace accessible to all, it will run in a browser. No downloads or installs are needed to quickly buy an NFT. Mist runs on Binance Smart Chain, so having Metamask or another web3 wallet installed makes sense.

Players will use the MIST token to make purchases in the new marketplace. Furthermore, MIST can be used to level up NFTs, as well as combining two NFTs of the same level to create a higher level NFT. This immersive new marketplace will launch on Friday, August 6th at 2 PM UTC.

Binance Smart Chain has been attracting lots of games over the past few months. My Neighbor Alice is one of the high-profile titles, while Big Time has also been making noise. However, the passive play-to-earn game CryptoBlades has been generating the most hype recently, as the project has hundreds of thousands active player wallets. According to DappRadar the project attracted more than 444,000 user wallets in the past 7 days.

What is Mist?

Mist is an upcoming blockchain-based MMORPG that is heavily focused on NFTs, staking, and farming. The game uses the Unity engine, as well as the proprietary Mist NFT Game Framework (MNGF). Gamers can use their NFTs in the game, while they can choose from five playable classes. Ultimately players and their heroes need to battle their way through endless dungeons in search of NFT riches.

The five classes represented in Mist are the Crusader, Enchanter, Ranger, Shapeshifter and Witch Hunter. Each comes with a different play style, varying between melee combat, ranged combat and magic.

Beyond exploring dungeons and getting loot, players can farm and stake their MIST tokens in-game. They will be rewarded with resources that will aid them in their journey. Alternatively, players can purchase farmland and livestock to earn rewards.

Players will be able to trade the NFTs they earn on an in-game marketplace or on 3rd-party platforms. The in-game currency is connected to Binance Smart Chain. There is currently no release date for this exciting new game. Visit the Mist website to stay up to date on current developments.

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