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Axie Infinity Origin Video Review

Axie Infinity Origin

The so-awaited moment for the whole NFT Gaming community has arrived! Axie Infinity Origin in its test phase is here and with this big update, everything changed! Doesn’t really matter if you were skilled in Axie Infinity V2, Origin is a whole different game!

Axie Infinity is the most popular NFT game in the industry with an average of 2.7 million active players per month. In Axie’s world, you play in 3vs3 matches, with your Axies which are pókemon-like creatures and NFTs, against another team composed of the other 3 Axies. By winning, you earn $SLP, their utility token,  and by getting in the top 300,000 at the end of each season, you also earn $AXS,  their governance token. Besides this, you can also play in adventure mode against the computer.

Axie Infinity’s current problems

With simple graphics and very repetitive gameplay, the current version of Axie Infinity feels completely outdated.

The other major issue of Axie Infinity is the price action of the $SLP token. With huge inflation and constant selling pressure, the price of $SLP keeps dropping.

$SLP token price action

Axie Infinity Origin solves both of these problems. The new graphics are much better, the gameplay is more fun.  The introduction of $SLP sinks should also reduce the selling pressure on the token.

That’s why the Axie players community and the NFT gaming community as a whole were so eager to see this new version in action.

Now that we know more about Axie Infinity and its current problems with its former version V2 let’s jump into the Origin preview and see what changed!

Watch our Axie Infinity Origin Video Review

What changed in Origin?

I am not sure if we can ask what changed if it’s a completely different game! So, let’s do a list with all the new features currently available in Origin.

  • Free Axies: Now you don’t need to invest any more in order to enjoy this Play-and-earn game!
  • Runes and Charms: Team building becomes more complex because you can equip each Axie with 2 Runes and in each of the 6 skills. Eyes and ears are now also linked with a skill.
  • Skills changed: Forget everything you knew from V2, all skills and effects are different. 
  • No stats: Forget attack order and losing a match because the other Axie has a lower ID, only HP counts now.
  • No random annoying crits: Forget those players who managed to get a win thanks to the crit of his 20 morale fish. Crits are based on a rage system where you need to stack up 10 rage in order to crit.
  • No counting cards and energy: Unused cards and energy are discarded every round.
  • Crafting: You’ll be able to craft runes and charms
  • Axies attack instantly… as soon as you select a card.

As you can see it is a completely different game and it will take a bit of time until we learn all the best strategies, team builds, team synergies, best runes, and best charms.

There are also some important updates that will come out later that will affect the economy in a positive way either by requiring that you release Axies in order to get materials or that you burn $SLP like:

  • Runes and Charms: These will be NFTs, and players will be able to craft them ($SLP sinks)
  • Upgraded body parts: Each body part will have 5 levels that will require materials that you get by releasing Axies (to fight Axie inflation)

Last thoughts

Origin brought the change we needed in Axie Infinity but can’t see yet the effect this will have on the economy, since we are still in a testing phase.

This means that you won’t earn anything, and your progress will be reset when the final version will launch.

When it comes to the gameplay, it looks like team building became way more complex but the combat itself became simpler.

Personally, I had fun playing and find it much more engaging than the previous version V2, and have now a bit more faith in Axie and its future.