Top Play-to-Earn and NFT Games of the Week – April 10

top play to earn games

Let’s look back at this week’s date and find out which games are at the top of the play-to earn charts this week and which pieces of virtual lands are the most traded.

Top play-to-earn games by active users

GameActive Users 7 daysChange
1. Splinterlands513k -4%
2. Alien Worlds398k +2%
3. MOBOX: NFT Farmer182k -0.8%
4. Upland152k +15%
5. Farmers World128k +9%
6. Defi Kingdoms70k -8%
7. Axie Infinity61k -1%
8. Galaxy Blocks59k +53%
9. Second Live58k +10%
10. Crazy Defense Heroes53k -67%

No big surprise in this week’s numbers by active players. We see the player-base remaining more or less the same as last week. Axie Infinity, probably boosted by the release of Axie Origin climbs back at the 7th place while Crazy Defense Heroes sees a big drop in the number of active players.

Top Virtual Worlds NFTs

CollectionVolume traded 7 days in ETHChange
1. The Sandbox1,140-8%
2. NFT Worlds.945+5%
3. Decentraland478-25%
4. Worldwide Webb Land403-12%
5. Town Star374+9%
6. Treeverse Plots92-61%
7. Cryptovoxels 78+52%
8. Somnium Space VR77+106%
9. Netvrk Land73+38%
10. The Sandbox Assets51-90%
Source OpenSea

The Sandbox remains the king of the metaverse, but NFT land is slowly closing the gap. We also see a big drop in the Sandbox Assets, probably due to the end of the Alpha Season 2. Somnium Space VR makes an impressive entry with a 106% increase in trading volume compared to last week.

Top announcements of the week

1. Axie Infinity Origin Video Review

Axie Infinity Origin

The so-awaited moment for the whole NFT Gaming community has arrived! Axie Infinity Origin in its test phase is here and with this big update, everything changed! Doesn’t really matter if you were skilled in Axie Infinity V2, Origin is a whole different game! – Read more

2. Defi Kingdoms Launch on Avalanche Subnet – What’s Next for DFK and AVAX?

Defi Kingdoms

Defi Kingdoms, one of the largest DeFi / GameFi projects in the crypto market, just launched its Crystalvale expansion on its own Avalanche subnet, the DFK chain. The launch was a major success, and could signal the rising importance of AVAX as a network. Moving into the future, other projects are likely to follow in the footsteps of Defi Kingdoms. – Read more

3. Ember Sword Pre-Alpha Video Review

Ember Sword alpha

It has been a long time since we started following Ember Sword, and today, we’re finally going to dive into the world of Ember Sword! The pre-alpha was just released earlier this week and it is open for NFT holders. Let’s have a look at this highly anticipated play-and-earn MMORPG. – Read more

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