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Axie Infinity is a battle game made by Sky Mavis. Players need to own at least three little creatures, called Axies, to be able to battle in the game. This strategy game has a strong tactical layer, because each Axie has its own unique powers. By combining the strengths of their Axies, players can develop a tactic which they can use to outsmart their opponents.

Players store each Axie creature in their own wallet as a non-fungible token (NFT). Sky Mavis has created their own sidechain for the Ethereum network, allowing players to exchange NFTs without having to worry about gas fees.

Axie Infinity doesn’t only offer battle gameplay. Players also own land parcels in the world of Lunacia. Land gameplay will allow players to explore the world and battle chimaera. Ultimately the community will govern the world of Lunacia through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

  • Catching up With Axie Infinity

    The Axie Infinity ecosystem continues to expand, adding new games, opening up existing games to more people, and making Axies useful in an increasing number of apps. And don’t forget about their own gaming chain, the Ronin network, which continues to grow and onboard new partners! Axie Infinity is one of those systems that we […]
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  • Play to Earn Games to Watch in January

    A new month and a new year. And though many studios slowed down development during the holidays, expect things to ramp up as we move through January. Here are a few games that we plan to watch during the month of January 2024! With Christmas and New Year’s Even behind us, it’s time to get […]
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  • Axie Infinity Introduces Parts Evolution

    Axie Infinity decides to close out the year with a bang, introducing a new Parts Evolution feature, letting players upgrade the various Parts of their Axies. And with materials from releasing Axies required for evolutions, even the lowliest Axie has a part to play in the new ecosystem! Despite being one of the older games […]
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  • Socialize in Project T from Axie Infinity

    It’s time to get your social groove on as Axie Infinity gives us the first release of Project T, a virtual, social world in the Axie universe! Though just an early prototype version of the game, Project T has already caught the attention of the Axie community. Outside of real life gatherings, game players love […]
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  • Axie Origins Adds New Experience System

    Dynamic NFTs come to the Axie-verse as wee see the introduction of a new experience and leveling system for Axies. Players earn Axie Experience Points simply by playing the game, and in turn, higher level Axies will have options to upgrade their body parts! Axie Infinity brings a new rewards system to their game with […]
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  • Delegate Land in Axie Homeland

    Ever wanted to try your hand at playing Axie Homeland but don’t own an Axie land plot? Well then your time has come as Axie Homeland introduces Land Delegation! Land delegation allows land owners to designate others to run and manage their land, while still receiving any rewards from the leaderboard rankings. Land delegation, a […]
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  • Axie Origins Season 4 Improves New Player Experience

    Axie Origins pushes forward with a new season of their creature battling strategy game, bringing game updates, new rewards, and even the ability to upgrader starter Axies! With many improvements for new and lower ranked players, Axie Origins is focused on growing and maintaining their playerbase. The focus of season 4 of Axie Origins seems […]
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  • Axie Homeland Alpha Season 2

    Axie Homeland launches into Season 2 of their alpha, with over 1 million mAXS tokens up for grabs on the leaderboards! Alphas with play and earn opportunities are a pretty unique feature of web3 gaming and a great way to reward early supporters! Alpha Season 2 of the Axie-based farming and plot decorating game known […]
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  • Develop Land in Axie Homeland Alpha Season 1

    Axie takes another step forward with their land game, Axie Homeland, announcing the imminent start of alpha season 1. Lasting for thirty days, this Axie Homeland alpha also includes leaderboards with token rewards for the top players! Starting on February 22nd, at 11:30 GMT, Axie Homeland Alpha Season 1 brings the first version of AXS […]
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  • Borrow with Axies Assets on MetaLend

    MetaLend, a loan system that accepts NFTs as collateral, announced a launch on the Ronin network, allowing players to easily borrow ETH against their Axies assets. Launched in 2022, MetaLend already built a similar system for Axie assets on Polygon. Now they deploy to the Ronin network as an ‘official lending partner for Axie Infinity’. […]
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