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Axie Infinity is a battle game made by Sky Mavis. Players need to own at least three little creatures, called Axies, to be able to battle in the game. This strategy game has a strong tactical layer, because each Axie has its own unique powers. By combining the strengths of their Axies, players can develop a tactic which they can use to outsmart their opponents.

Players store each Axie creature in their own wallet as a non-fungible token (NFT). Sky Mavis has created their own sidechain for the Ethereum network, allowing players to exchange NFTs without having to worry about gas fees.

Axie Infinity doesn’t only offer battle gameplay. Players also own land parcels in the world of Lunacia. Land gameplay will allow players to explore the world and battle chimaera. Ultimately the community will govern the world of Lunacia through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

  • Axie Lunar New Year and Budget Axies Events

    For a little extra encouragement to play Axie Origins, Axie Infinity opens a special Lunar New Year event as well as a ‘Budget Axies’ event. Both of these are free to enter, and the Lunar New Year event offers rewards for just playing the game! Hot off their launch of Season Two of Axie Origins, […]
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  • Axie Infinity: Origins Season 2 Launch

    Axie Infinity has announced Season 2 of Origins, a game involving cards where users compete with Axies. Recall that season one of Axie Infinity: Origins was kicked off in early September with a prize pool of 112,000 AXS tokens, 6,750 of those going to the first-place finisher! The NFT-based game offered more than 1.5M USD worth of […]
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  • Play to Earn Games to Watch in January

    The year ahead looks to be a strong one for web3 gaming. And so far, we’re off to a strong start! Announcements, alphas, and general good vibes permeate the space, promising new and exciting things to come. Here are a couple of games to watch in January. Even though many developers and companies are still […]
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  • Axie Infinity Releases Homeland

    Axie Infinity releases homeland which brings land owners the very first land gameplay experience. This is an early alpha build but it already looks great. Finally, after more than three years of waiting, landowners are going to be able to play on their $1,000 USD land plots. Axie Infinity: Homeland is available for all landholders […]
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  • Axie Infinity’s Christmas Event has Started

    Sky Mavis wants to keep its players busy during the holidays! For that, the Axie Infinity’s Christmas Event has started and will last until January 3rd. This event will allow players to get the new Axie accessories, which is going to be a brand new feature in the ecosystem. Axie Trainers will get an accessory […]
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  • Sky Mavis Introduces Axie Core

    The company behind the web3 game with the largest player base, Sky Mavis, introduces Axie Core to its community. Axie Core is the ‘Axie experience’ that will ‘strengthen the emotional bond’ between players and their Axies. Axie Core will allow Axies to be used on multiple experiences. Axies will not be tied to a particular […]
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  • Axie Infinity Launches Raylights, a Land Mini-game

    Axie Infinity announced the release of Raylights, their first land-based game for the Axie ecosystem. Available to all landowners, this game is about growing crops, crafting items, and discovering new recipes, creating an aesthetically pleasing space for your Axies! Axie landowners have been waiting a long time for land gameplay. Well today, the first taste […]
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  • Top Play-to-Earn and NFT Games of the Week – September 11

    Last week we saw the rise of Gameta to the top of the chart, let’s see if the casual gaming platform can hold his spot and what the current trends are for blockchain gaming and NFT sales. Top play-to-earn games by active users Game Active Users 7 days Change 1. Gameta 587k +14% 2. Alien Worlds 340.5k […]
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  • Axie Announces Rebrand to Axie Origins and Season 1 Launch

    Sky Mavis, the creators of the well-known blockchain game, Axie Infinity, announce an official rebrand into Axie Infinity: Origins (not to be confused with the Origin Axies). The announcement comes from AxieCon, where they also revealed the launch of Season One, as well as some details about Axie accessories and an upcoming land-based mini-game! We’ve […]
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  • Top Play-to-Earn and NFT Games of the Week – September 4

    Last week, we discussed the emergence of the new casual mobile gaming trend in the space, and when we look at this week’s number, it’s hard to deny that this new narrative is not stopping. Let’s dive into the past week’s data. Top play-to-earn games by active users Game Active Users 7 days Change 1. Gameta […]
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