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Axie Infinity is a battle game made by Sky Mavis. Players need to own at least three little creatures, called Axies, to be able to battle in the game. This strategy game has a strong tactical layer, because each Axie has its own unique powers. By combining the strengths of their Axies, players can develop a tactic which they can use to outsmart their opponents.

Players store each Axie creature in their own wallet as a non-fungible token (NFT). Sky Mavis has created their own sidechain for the Ethereum network, allowing players to exchange NFTs without having to worry about gas fees.

Axie Infinity doesn’t only offer battle gameplay. Players also own land parcels in the world of Lunacia. Land gameplay will allow players to explore the world and battle chimaera. Ultimately the community will govern the world of Lunacia through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

  • Top Play-to-Earn and NFT Games of the Week – August 14

    This week, Alien Worlds claims back the top spot in the rankings! We also see a nice player base increase for Axie Infinity and the NFT market seems to be heating up again. Let’s dive into the date and see who are this week’s winners and losers. Top play-to-earn games by active users Game Active […]
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  • Season Zero of Axie Infinity Origin now Live

    Though Axie Origin has been in testing for some time, this new milestone signifies the official relaunch of their play-to-earn, creature battling, strategy game. With the launch of Season 0 (Zero), also known as Phase 3, Axie Infinity kicks off their new economy and shifts the production of Smooth Love Potions to the Origin game. […]
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  • Axie Marketplace Reset Adds ERC-1155 Tokens

    As the release of Axie Infinity Origin draws closer, Axie takes another step forward with a reset of their in-game market. The imminent release of their game reboot requires heavy use of semi-disposable NFTs. And so, this update from Axie includes marketplace support for ERC-1155 tokens, as well as some optimization and stability improvements. Axie […]
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  • Breed New Axies During Lunacian Summer Event

    Axie Infinity brings us a new breeding event called Lunacian Summer. For a limited time, Axie owners can breed their Axies to create offspring with new, Summer parts. Available for only 50 days, Axies with these Summer parts are sure to become collector’s items. In addition, Axies can also be born with Shiny parts and […]
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  • Axie Infinity Land Staking and Origin Phase 2

    Though Axie was once the darling of the play to earn gaming economy, the game lost much of its momentum over the past year. Now Axie looksto regain its magic with a major overhaul of the combat and Axie progression system called Origin. Origin just began phase 2 of their beta test, offering players rewards […]
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  • Join the Axie Infinity Creator Program

    Sky Mavis, the developer of the blockchain game Axie Infinity, has announced a first-of-kind web3 creator program designed to support creators and contributors who have helped grow the Axie ecosystem. The Creator program will track all creators regularly involved in Axie Community and reward them with awards and monetary support. To implement this system, Axie […]
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    In this week’s episode, we discuss Phantom Galaxies Ep. 3, Crypto Unicorns Launch, Infinite Fleet, and Axie Land Staking. Our guest this week is Fedsson, an indie game developer working on a play-to-earn game based on Lineage 2 source code. News of the Week Crypto Unicorns Phantom Galaxies Infinite Fleet Alpha Review […]
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  • Play To Earn Weekly Ep. 1 – Axie Infinity Updates, Crypto Fighters, and NFT Refunds with ERC721R

    For the First Episode of Play To Earn Weekly we review the latest and upcoming Axie Infinity Updates, we take a look at the new Version of Crypto Fighters with its co-founder Elie Steinbock. Elie is also the lead developer of the new ERC721R standard which allows smart-contract NFT refunds. A great innovation to fight […]
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  • Axie Infinity Origin Video Review

    The so-awaited moment for the whole NFT Gaming community has arrived! Axie Infinity Origin in its test phase is here and with this big update, everything changed! Doesn’t really matter if you were skilled in Axie Infinity V2, Origin is a whole different game! Axie Infinity is the most popular NFT game in the industry […]
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