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Here is Your Chance to Get Dr. Disrespect’s Midnight Society Founders Access Pass

How to get Midnight Society Founders Access Pass

Dr. Disrespect, an American video-game streamer who is the founder of Midnight Society gaming studio, has announced the drop of 10,000 Midnight Society Founders Pass. Using this pass, fans can earn early access to Midnight Society’s upcoming multiplayer FPS game.

Dr. Dsrepected founded the Midnight Society studio back in December 2021. To support him in his new venture, he hired veterans of the gaming industry who have worked on titles like Call of Duty and Halo. the studio will focus on PVP titles and they just recently announced their first blockchain FPS game.

Benefits of Midnight Society Founders Pass

The Founders Access Pass holders will gain Early Access builds to playtest the game and earn NFTs. They can also access industry guilds, voting rights in dev round tables, invitations to in-person community events, and exclusive merchandise with the founder’s only designs

Anyone who holds a Founders Pass becomes known as a Variant, and all members of Midnight society are known as Claws. Besides this, each minted Avatar will include a VisorCortex design that determines which design will appear on the Variant’s helmet. According to their website, “All 10,000 VisorCortexes are unique and procedurally generated with traits of different rarities”. After minting, the Variant Avatars can be traded and bought on open marketplaces.

Midnight Society Founders Access Pass Benefits

A brief list of benefits of the Founders Pass are:

  • A rare Midnight Society call sign and VisorCortex that you own.
  • Early access to game builds, weapons tests, and industry guilds
  • Voting rights on in-game features.
  • Exclusive access to studio events.
  • Merchandise with founder’s designs and future VisorCortex drops.
  • Early access to Industry Guilds.

How to obtain the Founders Pass?

The Founders Pass is limited to 10,000 applicants, and the purchase price for the same is $50 or 0.019 ETH, which includes gas fees. You have to apply through their official website, where you will get a button named “Claim your Existence.” The detailed steps to obtain the Pass are mentioned below:

  1. Sign up or log in on the official website of Midnight Society with Google, Steam, Twitch, or Discord. Once you log in, you will receive a Day Zero patch added to your wallet.
  2. After logging in, select ‘Begin your Founders Journey.’ Scroll down to the end of this section.
  3. You will find the ‘Claim Your Existence’ button above the timer counting down. Click on it.
  4. Answer all the questions about your gaming experience and level of responsibility, your playstyle, and what you will be comfortable doing daily.
  5. After submitting the questions, you will be sent back to the main menu. You will receive the approval email after 3 weeks.
  6. Once your account gets approved, you will be able to purchase the Founders Pass. That’s it!
Midnight Society Founders Access Pass

However, if you fail to get approved, you can purchase someone else’s Pass when they are available in the marketplace. Also, if you own a Founders Pass, you can sell them after a mandatory 30 day lockdown period through open marketplaces.

Approval Process of getting the Founders Access Pass

The Access Pass will grant you special benefits that will help you transition from a Claw to a Variant, and it has its important responsibilities and ownership. The applicants will be judged on the following criteria:

  • How long the applicant has been a member of the Midnight Society website.
  • How active you’ve been in the community.
  • Activity as a content creator, gamer, or developer.
  • Your vision for what makes a good PVP shooter.

Priority will be given to Active Day Zero members, those users who dropped into the Midnight Society on December 14, 2021. The goal of the Application process is to eliminate non-community members who will not contribute to the long-term development of the game. The access pass will provide lifetime benefits for all holders and will remain in control of the holder until it is traded.

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