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NFT Worlds Avatars; Stake Worlds for $WRLD

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NFT Worlds continues to build out an ever growing stable of features and utility. The latest releases bring us World staking and renting. In addition, we also have news about the first phase of in-game avatars based on NFTs, called, appropriately enough, NFT Worlds Avatars!

The growing utility and ecosystem of NFT Worlds holds great potential. The NFT Worlds team has already provided a central login system, a utility token (WRLD), and an API to support utilizing WRLD as a payment system in-game. With the latest updates we have World staking and renting, as well as a new Avatar system with an upcoming mint.

NFT Worlds Avatars

sample NFT Worlds Avatars
sample NFT Worlds Avatars

NFT Worlds is releasing their own NFT Avatars. This set consists of 15,000 unique, playable characters. The team has reserved 10,000 for World holders, 1 each per World, with an additional 5,000 for public mint. Any Avatars un-minted from the whitelist sale will likely roll over to the public sale.

These Avatars are NFTs, can be equipped through the NFT Worlds launcher, and are playable in any NFT Worlds server. Future perks include exclusive content and reward opportunities. NFT Worlds will host their own marketplace for Avatars, but they are full NFTs and can be transferred and traded anywhere. Use of the Avatars in-game will be tied to your linked wallet. If you don’t own the corresponding NFT, you don’t get to use the Avatar.

Mint price and mint date have not yet been set.

Gray Boys sample avatars
Gray Boys sample Avatars

But playable Avatars won’t stop there. The NFT Worlds team wants to expand this concept further and allow other projects to also create unique Avatars for the NFT Worlds system. In fact, one project is already first in line, The Gray Boys! Work has been ongoing for these Avatars for some time now. They will be the first ones available with the NFT Worlds Launcher even before the official NFT Worlds Avatars!

But it’s not hard to imagine the possibilities with bringing in other Avatar projects. Imagine a CryptoPunk or Bored Ape or Hasmask Avatar! Not to mention the uncountable number of other profile picture projects around, many of which would make very cool Avatars!

Also, the team plans to create wearable, cosmetic items (also NFTs) as well as a NFT Worlds marketplace allowing players to trade these items for WLRD tokens.

World Staking and Renting

NFT Worlds Staking UI
Stake Worlds for WRLD

Prior to the Avatars announcement, NFT Worlds released two new contracts, Renting and Staking. Any NFT Worlds owner now has the option of staking their World(s) into a smart contract and receiving daily WRLD tokens in return.

And the best part of staking, it only prevents the owner from selling their world. Staked worlds can still be built on and even rented out! However, though you can put your Worlds up for rent, the rental marketplace is not yet live, so no one can actually do any renting. Once the marketplace is live, Worlds can be rented and renters have full building and monetization rights on their rented World!

The contracts for both of these services have undergone independent audits by Certik.

What else is happening in NFT Worlds?

NFT Worlds has released an updated version of their own play to earn world. Called NFT Worlds Factions, it offers an in-game shop, land claiming and raiding, multiple servers, and $WRLD rewards for the top 10 factions. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but it is on my to-do list! To get all the details, head over to their NFT Worlds Play Discord server. This server not only has channels for the NFT Worlds games, but also channels for everyone else building experiences on the NFT Worlds ecosystem!

And with the ever-present worry of scam projects and rug pulls, NFT Worlds introduced their Verified Builder system. Teams building on NFT Worlds who wish to be flagged as Verified Builders must submit their personal information and undergo an interview with the NFT Worlds team. Personal information will not be disclosed except in the case of legal cases. In return, Verified Projects receive a special badge and appear higher in the list of servers on the launcher. So far, about 50 projects have completed the process with another dozen pending verification! You can view the current list in this document.

Expect to hear more news from NFT Worlds soon, as they continue to roll out new features and updates. For more information, read our NFT Worlds review and guide.

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