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Reserve and Mint Your Unique Shrapnel Callsign


Shrapnel opens up Callsign reservation, allowing players to reserve their unique handle / character name, for a fee paid in SHRAP tokens. Callsigns not only reserve the name just for you, but they also provide other benefits, and can even be sold and traded to other players!

Shrapnel unveils their latest web feature, Callsigns. Callsigns are unique identifiers in Shrapnel that cannot be duplicated. Each one costs 250 SHRAP tokens and players can mint multiple Signs.

minting a Callsign in Shrapnel
minting a Callsign

Aside from the bragging rights of being the only one in-game with the name Elon Tusk (for example), owning a Callsign also provides a number of other benefits. Players can use their Callsign when designing Insignias and on their Player Profile. They will also receive a special player profile background pack, an airdrop of two weapon skins, and access to exclusive events. And perhaps best of all, Callsigns are fully tradable on the Shrapnel marketplace (soon).

Players can visit their Callsign page at https://www.shrapnel.com/callsign to reserve their names.

Shrapnel Callsign benefits
Shrapnel Callsign benefits

Shrapnel Insignia Contest

Callsigns follow the other recent feature release, Insignia creation. Creating Insignias is free of charge, though you do need to hold an Operator NFT to access the tool.

And though the number of basic options are somewhat limited, the ability to resize, color, rotate, and move everything in layers opens up a lot of creative options. In fact, some folks have created some amazing works with the Insignia system! As user generated content is an important part of Shrapnel, this Insignia tool will likely factor into the game in the future. And I can already see a potential market for those with the skill and the eye to make incredible images like these!

amazing player designs using the Insignia system
amazing player designs using the Insignia system

Shrapnel is also currently holding an Insignia contest, with several different categories. Entries close on May 24th though, so get your creations submitted quickly! Entries will need to be submitted via their Discord chat.

Insignia contest info
Insignia contest info

What is Shrapnel?

Shrapnel is a mission-based, first person shooter where players join the warzone as operators for one of several teams entrusted with collecting and extracting valuable resources. But other operators are competing for the same resources, creating a high-stakes atmosphere that encourages risk-taking and rewards player skill.

Players equip their operators with the appropriate gear that suits their playstyle. Equipment (in the form of NFTs) is dropped when a player dies and can be looted by other players. In addition, players can gather the mysterious Compound Sigma. They must then fight their way to one of extraction spots and survive long enough to escape and claim their loot!

Shrapnel is built around player created content. This takes the form of tournaments, as well as player crafted NFTs. Players can even design their own unique vanity items to sell to other players! They will have land ownership and want to expand creation opportunities to player created maps and map items as well! Shrapnel has its own token, SHRAP. Players will be able to stake SHRAP to maps they like, sharing in the rewards from games played on that map. Meanwhile, unpopular maps will find themselves pushed down to lower reward tiers. This encourages creators to refine and improve their work in order to remain popular.

Shrapnel also plans to build a community hub, DAO governance, and a reputation system! Operators the main NFTs for the game, are currently available on the secondary markets.

To learn more about Shrapnel, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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