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Mines of Dalarnia Introduces its Freemium Model

Mines of Dalarnia

While the Mines of Dalarnia team is working hard and making progress on the version 2.0, they introduced their free to play model that will be available to anyone upon release.

Mines of Dalarnia will work on a Freemium model. This means that the game will be available to anyone to try for free. Although the free players will be limited to some sections of the game, we believe that this approach is will be a great success as players will be able to actually play the game before deciding to invest or not in a Mining Passport NFT.

Mines of Dalarnia Mining Passport NFT

Mining Passport NFT

To get access to the full game, players will need to acquire a Mining Passport NFT. These NFTs will be sold around $20 USD and will be available before the launch of the game. These NFTs will be hosted on the Binance Smart Chain and will be tradable on the secondary market like any other NFT. We do not know yet when these NFTs will be available to purchase.

This barrier to entry is relatively low compared to other games for which the initial investment can quickly reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Players without a Mining Passport will be limited to a single planet with limited number of plots which will only provide the most basic materials.

The Mining Plots acquired during the first land sale in January 2022 will all be on the Terra Prime Planet. This planet will be the first one available to the mining passport holders.

At this stage, the team did not give further details on the play-to-earn mechanics but they should publish more information about the game economics soon, so stay tuned!

What is Mines of Dalarnia?

Mines of Dalarnia is a mining, platforming, PvE game developed by Worinman Studio and Chromia Studios. Running on the Chromia blockchain, Mines of Dalarnia is free-to-play and browser-based. Racing against time, players mine exotic materials in hostile environments, then use the materials to upgrade their equipment and abilities.

Players own land plots in-game, and rent them out for miners. Plots come in four different terrain types: terrestrial, lava, ice, and darkness. Owners may also upgrade their lands to provide more resources. Upgrading requires resources from the miners, creating an in-game economy around keeping the plots maintained.

With most mining adventures lasting less than 5 minutes, Mines of Dalarnia is very casual friendly. The game is currently in its alpha phase, open to all, and running on the Chromia testnet.