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Major Update Adds Lots of Improvements to Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalaria alpha release

Mines of Dalarnia, a browser-based Dig-Dug style, platformer, mining game, announced the release of a major update called alpha 0.1.1. This update includes interface improvements, graphics enhancements, daily login rewards, and a cross-game integration with Krystopia: Nova’s Journey!

Mines of Dalarnia is a single-player game, though players can own maps and receive income from allowing other players to mine on their maps! More on that later. The game is a side-view explorer/digging game. Players dig to find resources, navigate dangerous caverns, and potentially battle creatures deep underground. But being a miner here requires oxygen. And the base oxygen tank only holds five minutes worth of air, though it can be upgraded.

So each game lasts five minutes or so. You dig, grab as many resources as possible, and then try to find the teleporter out (or bring your own). All of your equipment can be upgraded, and sometimes needs to be. For example, some terrain cannot be broken through with the basic pickaxe. Once you’re familiar with the game, and are ready to move onto upgrading and tougher levels, it’s time to look at the rental market!

In the rental market you’ll find all of the plots for rent. All owned by other players. Each plot shows what types of minerals are present and a graphic, fill bar showing how common it will be to find those minerals. Each rental only lasts for one round, so savvy players will make sure they are fully prepared to take as much advantage of the situation as possible!

Player Owned Maps

This major update for Mines of Dalarnia also features player-owned maps. Everyone gets access to a free map. It’s great for starting out, or when you just need to grab some basic resources. But, if you want to upgrade and advance in the game, you’ll need access to other maps. And those maps are owned by players. Plots appear in the market throughout the day. When they appear, players bid for ownership. The winning player can either keep the plot for themselves, or they can rent it out to other players for a fee. The tricky part comes from the fact that each plot can only be mined a finite number of times. Once that limit is reached, the plot is gone. Players can extend the life of a plot and increase its mineral value through various refinery upgrades.

Mines of Dalarnia runs on the Chromia platform. The in-game currency is Dalarnia Token, but plot purchases must be completed with Chromia token (CHR). Since Chromia is the underlying platform for multiple dapps, certain cross-dapp interactions are allowed. In this case Mines of Dalarnia has paired with Krystopia to allow some cross-game transfer of resources!

At the moment, the Dalarnia token can’t be removed from the game. Hopefully as the game moves out of alpha, it will introduce some real play-to-earn aspects. But for now, it’s still a fun game to play!

Read the official mining guide and play now at !

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