Farsite Opens Gates and Refineries

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The Gates open in Farsite on January 27th. Players will be able to travel through them to visit different systems and transport resources between sectors. A different kind of gate also opens at the same time. The gate to the next level of the crafting economy! This comes in the form of Refineries, which allow the production of new resources.

Farsite continues its steady release of small additions to its game, though this one is actually pretty big. Beginning on January 27th, starship pilots are no longer restricted to flying around in their home system. On that day the Gates open up, allowing players to navigate to and from various star systems!

Farsite Gate image
Gates to the stars!

During pre-alpha, Gate travel is free. In the future, there will be fees involved in traveling through Gates, in addition to fuel costs. The fuel cost increases based on weight of the ship and distance traveled. Gates have predefined connections, and only go to one place. However, stars may have multiple gates leading to different systems. Not only will players be able to move between systems, but they can also load up their ships with cargo for transportation!

Let the Refining Begin!

This last bit is important because this upcoming release also sees the introduction of Refineries. Sector Owners have already been building basic Mining structures and harvesting raw resources. But it’s in the Refineries where the more specialized resources are created. Processing resources at a Refinery yields one core resource plus one or two extra or side resources. For example, processing Hydrogen Gas yields Hydrogen, Solid CO2, and Planetary Dust.

Farsite Refinery cost
Refinery costs

Refineries are quite expensive. Costing 500,000 Credits plus several thousand Resources. It’s unclear if there will be some sort of in-game market available or if every Refinery owner is expected to gather the resources themselves. But being able to produce second tier Resources will likely be an invaluable ability. Refining costs Credits, Resources, and Time. Amounts vary depending on what is being processed.

I love the release pace for Farsite. Even though we’re not getting huge chunks of game at a time, what we do get is meaningful in some way and so far, has been a rock solid experience. I look forward to the next steps. There are still plenty to go! Markets, base construction, ship crafting, planetary governance, and more!

What is Farsite?

Farsite is a blockchain-powered MMO game with elements of real-time strategy. The game’s economy uses aspects of decentralized finance on the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain. Players can take on all kinds of roles to be part of a bigger intergalactic economy. Players could be a hauler, a complete contracts by moving goods between space stations. They could also be a miner, gathering resources, or a manufacturer who creates tools and items. The universe of Farsite also offers space for governance over stars, mercenaries, pirates, politicians and of course traders.

Players own and produce all the items in the game. Building items requires a blueprint, components, a base on a planet and Credits to pay for services. Establish a base on a Planet in a hunt for rare materials to craft powerful Ships and Modules, trade on the open market, fight for loot and honor to govern the entire Constellation!

Farsite also boasts an interesting feature called Credit-backed NFTs, or cNFTs. Every Ship and Module is a cNFT. This means it is backed by a certain number of game Credits. Players burn cNFTs to destroy the NFT and receive Credits. This feature guarantees that every cNFT always has minimum value.

The game is currently in pre-alpha. Pre-alpha is PvP free, allowing players to accumulate Resources and build up infrastructure before conflict is unleashed upon the galaxy.

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