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Farsite Airdrops Campaign Ahead of Crates Pre-Sale

Farsite airdrop campaign hangar

As the space adventure game Farsite is ramping up for its upcoming crates pre-sale, they’ve launched an airdrops campaign where everybody can earn spaceship parts. Gamers who apply now, get a starter spacecraft. They can then upgrade the spacecraft through social challenges, content creation and inviting their friends.

This social promotion campaign is a big build-up to their crates pre-sale. Starting from May 31st gamers will be able to acquire starter items, ships, and blueprints. These items are stored in crates, and you will never know what’s inside until you open it. In those crates players can find components for their ships, but also blueprints for legendary ships or a Sacura Club Key.

In addition these crates will give players credits. These credits, or should we say Credits, can only be obtained through crates. These tokens are used for almost everything in the game, and they exist on a layer-2 solution. However, players can move them to the Ethereum mainnet, where these credits will become FAR tokens. One FAR token equals 1,000 credits, now and always.

Farsite will have a wide variety of crates, ranging from the cheapest Green Grates to the most luxurious Club Crates. Some of these crates are available for a limited time, others have a limited supply. Some can be obtained with in-game credits only, while others can be bought using cryptocurrencies.

Okay, cool, but what about this game?

What is Farsite?

Farsite is a blockchain-powered MMO game with elements of real-time strategy. The game’s economy uses aspects of decentralized finance on the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain. Players can take on all kinds of roles to be part of a bigger intergalactic economy. Every item in the game is made by players, using resources that have also been acquired by players.

Players could be a hauler, a complete contracts by moving goods between space stations. They could also be a miner, gathering resources, or a manufacturer who creates tools and items. The universe of Farsite also offers space for governance over stars, mercenaries, pirates, politicians and of course traders.

To produce something, you’d need a blueprint, components, a base on a planet and Credits to pay for services. The blueprints you can buy, borrow, or find, while components are made from resources found on planets. All items in the game are owned by players. Establish a base on a Planet in a hunt for rare materials to craft powerful Ships and Modules, trade on the open market, fight for loot and honor to govern the entire Constellation!

Now about the DeFi part of Farsite. Aside from trading, the game uses collateralized digital assets, or cNFTs. These are non-fungible tokens with collateral (read: money) inside them. This automatically gives every NFT a base value. At any given moment the owner of an cNFT can burn the item, and they will receive the staked ERC-20 tokens. Players will be able to stake their NFT, lend additional tokens, create a new cNFT and so on. These cNFTs can for example be valuable spaceships. Players can decide to use their spaceship for missions and trading. However, they could also use it as collateral to borrow money.

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