Learning to Identify the Gaming Ecosystems of the Future — The Case for SuperFarm


Gaming NFT opportunity

Something very big is brewing and the people who know are ready, waiting and set for one hell of a ride.

As of 2021 the gaming market value was estimated at $176 Billion, this was larger than the industries of film and music combined. $35 billon was spent in micro transactions within these games- in game purchases on items which the users did not hold true ownership of.

A new paradigm emerged in 2021-Blockchain play to earn (P2E) NFT gaming. This has opened up an entirely new future for the gaming industry, a new future where gamers will be paid for their time in these gaming ecosystems and given the opportunity of true ownership of all items they purchase in game, in the form of NFTs.

There are estimated to be over 3 billion gamers in the world and once these traditional gamers truly understand this new paradigm in gaming the only gaming of the future will be that of P2E NFT gaming.

Most gamers are tech savy, hyper connected and will do 70hrs of grinding whilst spending $70 to unlock a loot chest. Gamers are the perfect group to adopt NFTs and Crypto.

The key thought leaders and visionaries in the gaming space, such as Yat Siu of Animoca Brands, see the future gaming industry reaching $10 Trillion in 10 years. This size is forecasted when considering the extra growth P2E and especially NFT ownership bring.

More Than Just One Game

Game developer eyes have now been fully opened to this land of opportunity and there is now a stampede of games appearing and in development, looking to grab their share of this coming gold rush.

The average game on the number 1 game launching platform Steam only makes roughly $15k in revenue. Most games coming in Crypto will not make it.

The best games will rise and become mainstays of the space but a project such as SuperFarm is so much bigger than just one game it’s a gaming super-power.

Experience, Vision and Thesis

SuperFarm was co-founded by well known You tube content provider Elliot Wainman, known in his social media community as ‘Elliotrades’.

Ellio first got involved in Crypto back in 2014 with his previous 10 years spent building apps and mobile games. He truly became immersed in Crypto during the Bull run of 2017 and this is when his thesis and vision for the future of the industry materialised.

The experience of this time made it clear to Ellio that Crypto offered the opportunity to be ‘anything you dreamed up’ and not just ‘limited to monetary devices’. His passion was to build products that impacted people lives. As people left the industry in 2018 a highly motivated Ellio and team began building SuperFarm.

Bringing more users into the crypto space was the overwhelming goal of the product they set out to build.

2 key factors needed to be met:

  1. The product would need to target non-Crypto natives
  2. The product would need to perform and be useful even when prices in the crypto markets were crashing

The outcome of this was the decision to build a product based on video games.

SuperFarm was created to be the perfect funnel for on ramping mainstream user adoption into crypto.

‘SuperFarm’ Sum of Many Parts

To understand the true potential of SuperFarm you need to understand that it is an entire ecosystem with many parts.

SuperFarm has created what is called a SUPERVERSE- a coherent space which contains all the elements for a world of linked, multiple games, with transferable gaming assets. The SUPERVERSE is the pillar of a whole ecosystem.

Let’s go through the parts:

The SuperFarm token ‘SUPER’

Gives the following utilities:

  • Governance rights
  • Fees and purchases
  • Staking rewards
  • NFT farming opportunities
  • Exclusive NFT drops

SUPER is trading on all major exchanges including recent listings on Coinbase and Coinbase is the most frequent first exchange people use when entering Crypto for the first time. This is great exposure for SUPER especially as Coinbase only lists around 50 currencies at present.

The Farming

Yield ‘Farming’ is the cryptocurrency equivalent of earning an annual percentage yield on deposits with banks.

SuperFarm offers a tool set for any project to add utility to their existing coin by letting them create staking rewards without the need to code.

To avoid inflation of their token supply, rewards are given through this tool set by creation of a staking pool which generates rewards in NFTs, instead of by giving out more tokens. Crypto to Crypto rewards is also an option offered.

NFT Launchpad

SuperFarm offers a simple system with a great user interface for any new NFT project to carry out their NFT drops. This was recently showcased with a collection drop from Highrise, a mobile game metaverse with 10 million members.

New projects biggest aspiration of ‘Discoverability’ can be delivered by using this launchpad.

The SuperFarm community is a vast and highly focused audience offering a platform for creation of anticipation, exposure and hence rapid uptake of new projects.

NFT Generation

A tool set for developers to create their own NFT set.

NFT Marketplace and Trading

OpenSea is currently the most used open NFT marketplace in Crypto (excluding Axie Infinity’s) with a revenue of $395m generated in the last year. This was the 4th biggest revenue generator in the whole crypto space and was generated by only 60k unique active wallets but Opensea has had many problems: insider trading, not decentralised, poor user interface and has been unusable at times due to its Ethereum gas fees.

An ‘OpenSea competitor’ marketplace is about to be introduced by SuperFarm. Videos released showcase a much more user friendly interface has been showcased from the videos released and they will offer no gas fees thanks to their layer 2 partnership with Immutable X.

‘The marketplace with the best user experience and best features will become the industry leader’. This is the goal for SuperFarm.

If this Marketplace gains a serious share of the future NFT ecosystem, imagine the incredible growth in value to the SuperFarm ecosystem this can bring.

With only 60k active users on the largest marketplace at present, how big can the user base grow if mainstream adoption of NFTs arrive and how valuable could a marketplace such as SuperFarms become?


Superfarm define the SUPERVESRE as:

‘The SUPERVERSE is an interoperable, overarching metaverse that combines the three main aspects of SuperFarm (NFTs, Partners and AAA Video Games) into a world in which every NFT has context, meaning and value, not only within their respective ecosystems but also throughout the SUPERVERSE as a whole’

The mistake many gaming metaverse projects who are building infrastructure utilities for 3rd parties make In not creating an existing use case first. SuperFarm see creating their own gaming studio and building their own AAA game first as the correct strategy. Once they have delivered the first and flagship game it should make it easier to attract other AAA builders to come and add value to the SUPERVESRE

With SuperFarm vetting all projects that merge into the SUPERVERSE landscape we can expect great value in the NFTs. They will offer not only great value as a stand-alone asset, but great utility in unlocking features from each other in the ecosystem.

NFTs With True Utility

The first 2 collections of NFTs created by SuperFarm for their community:

  • Ellio trades Crypto Punk collection- Utilities to include Governance and voting power, unlock items inside video games in the SUPERVERSE and unique privileges in the SuperFarm platform
  • SuperFarm Genesis set- Unique privileges, unlock new experiences and video game items, access future drops, farming multipliers and utility in the SUPERVERSE

Imposters the First AAA Game in the SUPERVERSE

Imposters will be a ‘social deduction’ multiplayer game which can be likened to the mega hit Among Us. Among Us peaked with 300 million active users in 2020 and total revenue for the game hit $81m last year. Among Us really took off when Twitch and You tube streamers adopted the game in 2020. Among Us is described as:

‘A spaceship-based party game of teamwork and betrayal, crewmates work together to complete tasks before 1 or more imposters can kill everyone’

Imposters is following a proven game formula in a unique niche.

  • The game is built on Unreal engine 5 to bring high fidelity and will be available on the Epic store (Founded by Tim Sweeny the creator of Fortnite) — this will target the onramp of mainstream gamers through network effect
  • There will be customisable maps and modes
  • Ellio has been building this game since 2018, clearly no rushed job and timescales that give more credence to this being AAA
  • A strategy of concealing the game was taken with the view of only showing an Alpha version when ready for mainstream adoption on release. The plan is to hit the core of the twitch community and player base with this strategy
  • The gameplay coming out will be next generation and the economy will be empowering to the users
  • Ellio has put the greatest weight on the game being ‘play and earn’ and not ‘play to earn’. Games where you just grind to earn money will not replace the likes of Fortnight and Among Us. An addictive and enjoyable gameplay loop holds the most importance in Ellio’s eyes and this gives great confidence on what he and his team are creating.
  • The vision is an everlasting growing community, incentives on top of the fun aspect, dopamine driven and the emphasis on gamers playing this game as their favourite game.
  • There is an Imposters Genesis NFT drop coming very soon

There have been teasers to the release date of the game trailer. It seems the consensus from the community is it will be arriving this month!

Ellio the Thought Leader

To Understand What SuperFarm can deliver you need to understand the mindset of Ellio.

Superfarm is the personification of his vision of the future of the Crypto industry most specifically that of Crypto gaming with NFTS.

From his many years of being heavily immersed in the space, Ellio deeply understands what is at the heart of Crypto and what it’s truly about.

His vision is shared with the greatest visionary of the space Yat Siu the founder of Animoca brands and partner to SuperFarm.

Together these two thought leaders of the space see a future of digital ownership through NFTs being mainstream and decentralised metaverses being the hub for people to spend their time in their millions and eventually billons. Video games will be the vehicle that brings the first wave of user adoption to these metaverses such as the SUPERVESRE and video games will keep these people active within these metaverses for prolonged time periods. Gaming will be the default way people experience the digital world.

The importance of these first communities being the catalyst of growth and sustainability is understood by Ellio.

Ellio has clearly demonstrated his understanding of this with the growth of the community he has built. Multiple weekly You Tube streams educating people on all things Crypto, his foresight of the NFT boom and his decision to start building a game studio back in 2018 have all helped to build his tribe of followers.

Power to The People

SuperFarm’s long term vision is to be run by its community via a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO). This phased power handover has been explained in a detailed breakdown to give the project the best chance of longevity.


A project where the ‘Team has the perseverance and ability to communicate their message to the world and build a tribe of believers will be unstoppable’

To get his community involved in the best projects early has always been Ellio’s dream.

Ellio has certainly built an impressive community. His You Tube channel currently sits at 584k , a telegram community of 65k and a Twitter community across his page and SuperFarm’s of over 1m!

Strong foundations have been built through the community’s shared vision with Ellio and this bodes extremely well for the longevity of SuperFarm.

If a team and community are strong enough, they will enjoy prosperity in this industry.

SuperFarm Tokenomics

Tokenomics always tell a tale of intent of a project.

SuperFarm launched their token back in Feb 2021 and the breakdown on distribution showed a share of 10% was allocated to the founders, a very positive metric when you compare to some other projects team allocations.

A full transparency report was released on their tokenomics, detailing all aspects of vesting, holdings, price points for seed and private sales and links to wallets holding the projects locked allocations. This level of transparency is a rarity in Crypto and only emphasises how important the team sees openness to their community and a real care for their investors.

Crypto Rewards the Patient and SuperFarm Are About To Reward!

When you truly grasp the magnitude of what Ellio and Superfarm are building your excitement can only grow.

With the grand thesis and vision of Ellio now beginning to materialise, the potential of SuperFarm as a funnel for the mass adoption of gamers is evident. SuperFarm have built a strategy that combines business to business utilities and business to consumer utility.

If you take a step back and evaluate all the different value streams within SuperFarm’s ecosystem it, paints one big picture…the potential for an endless rising value curve.

The opportunity for the growth of active users in the SUPERVERSE through SuperFarm’s own developments and that of 3rd parties building on top, opens up a pathway for SuperFarm as a standalone ecosystem, to decouple from the volatile market conditions controlled by Bitcoin price fluctuations.

Imagine a future with millons of users trading NFTs on a gasless marketplace, millions of gamers playing P2E games such as Imposters within the SUPERVERSE, millions of dollars being generated through micro transactions in the many games within the SUPERVERSE, creators adding consistent cumulative value to the ecosystem via its NFT infrastructure utilities and all these aspects being intertwined and value linked.

All this value being created by the user base and therefore not being susceptible to the bear market conditions that most Cryptocurrencies are affected by.

If SuperFarm can deliver the AAA game being promised, 2022 will be the year they start to realise their Network effect!

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