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Riot Racers Gears up with Private Beta

Riot Racers Private Beta banner image

Taking the first step towards a public beta, Riot Racers just opened up a private beta. With an initial, small group of about two dozen people, the Riot Racers team plans to add more players progressively, leading up to the expected public beta launch on January 21, 2022.

After finishing up sales for cars, track pieces, gas stations, and drivers, Riot Racers is finally ready to start up their private beta. Though only a few players get to participate initially, additional invites will be sent out over the coming weeks. Teams / Guilds get first priority, though open invitations may also appear in Discord, so keep an eye on their server for beta opportunities.

The Private beta is for testing purposes and will run on a different URL than the main app. Drivers and Cars can gain experience during the beta, but expect all progress from the Private beta to be wiped once the Public Beta launches.

select a driver

Joining a Riot Racers race requires a Car and a Driver. After selecting a race to enter, players are shown the track details and race conditions. With that information, they select a Car and Driver, and then choose from numerous strategy options. This ranges from racing style to tires to engine tuning. Six options in all!

And though rarer Cars and Drivers have better stats, the bulk of the race results are based on the Race Strategy selections. Race Strategy counts 51% towards your results, with Car selection accounting for 29% and Driver selection, the remaining 20%. This provides more opportunities for less expensive Driver / Car combinations to win if they make the right strategy choices.

Riot Racers interface for selecting race strategies
choose your strategy wisely

The interface looks very nice and organized and easy to understand. Unfortunately, the game visualizations aren’t ready yet. But not to worry! The team says that full, 3D race replays should arrive in about six weeks.

Public beta scheduled for January 21, 2022 with the full game launch sometime in late February.

What is Riot Racers?

Riot Racers is a play-to-earn racing game in which gamers can earn by playing the game or owning parts of the ecosystem. Players own cars, which they can upgrade using RIOT tokens. They earn RIOT by competing in races. Before joining a race, they need to pick a car and a strategy based on the race conditions. Gamers also need to visit a gas station to get some fuel, which serves as an entry fee.

The game generates the race in the background based on the entrants’ choices and track conditions and some random factors. The outcome of a race is determined primarily by the player’s race strategy though Cars and Drivers with higher XP and better upgrades have some slight advantages. However, there are enough variables in every race to make it exciting. The top finishers of each competitive race earn rewards, paid in RIOT tokens.

Another way to earn in Riot Racers is by owning a part of the game, for example, a mechanic shop, gas station, or a piece of the track. The game offers 20 gas stations in total, and only 7 tracks made up out of 1400 parts. Track owners receive a portion of the entry fees for every race run on their track, while Mechanics and Gas Stations earn tokens when players use their facilities for gassing up and repairing their Cars.

Through billboards, also an NFT, another earning opportunity presents itself. Here gamers can advertise their own product or perhaps rent it out to third parties. Riot Racers is expected to launch in late February of 2022.

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