Riot Racers Review & Crypto Game Guide

Riot Racers brings their unique version of car racing simulations to the Polygon blockchain. Featuring generative Drivers, free racing with paid prizes, a breeding system, and NFT ownership of everything from the Cars to the racetrack itself, Riot Racers wants to build a community and a functioning game economy. And, as one of a few blockchain games that are truly free to play and play to earn, Riot Racers should at least be widely known in the blockchain gaming community. Here, we’ll provide a quick guide to the game, along with all of the important links you will need.

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Riot Racers Overview

Riot Racers is a play-to-earn, racing simulation running on the Polygon blockchain. Players pair Cars and Drivers together, then choose a racing strategy with six different racing style selections. Each race has its own weather conditions, which are often less than ideal. Everything from rain, to drought, to hurricanes, to firestorms! These racers see it all!

Drivers are generative NFTs, with varying looks and stats. They also have an associated element that can affect their racing ability in different weather conditions.

Both Drivers and Cars can be bred (but not together) to create new Cars and Drivers. The offspring have stats based on their parents but are also limited-use items, which should create an ongoing demand for new assets and maintain the value of the original Genesis and Apollo series NFTs, which will never expire.

Riot Racers Play to Earn Mechanics

Players earn RIOT tokens by racing cars. The top three finishers of each race receive payouts at the end of the race. All others go home empty-handed. Riot Racers offers both free, and paid races. The rewards for winning paid races are significantly higher. Also, each race has limitations on which rarity of Cars it will accept. Races with higher rarity requirements have larger prize payouts.

Reward System in Riot Racers

In addition to prize winnings from racing, there are a number of other ways to earn tokens through NFT ownership. First off, Riot Racers features a daily reward system for players who hold a certain amount of assets. The minimum requirements for these rewards are owning one Genesis Car and holding 100 RIOT tokens in your wallet. Also, owners can earn income from renting their assets. In future releases, owners of other NFTs such as Gas Stations, Racetrack sections, and Mechanic Shops, will also be able to monetize their assets.

How to Get Started in Riot Racers

There are currently two ways to play Riot Racers — as an owner, or as a renter. The official sales for Cars and Drivers are over for now. But there are plenty of options for purchase on the secondary markets. Owners can race their cars in both free and paid races, all of which offer RIOT token payouts to the top finishers. Also, Owners can choose to rent out their Cars and Drivers, offering renters a percentage of the income they make from racing.

Renting is free. There is no upfront cost involved. Instead, the Car and Driver owners set a percentage take for the renters. Anyone can create an account, rent one or more Cars and Drivers, and start racing! And with a steady supply of free races available, this is a true free-to-play, play-and-earn game.

Riot Racers Review

Riot Racers economy infographic

Riot Racers is a decent game. The graphics look good and figuring out how to pair strategies with Cars, Drivers, and racing conditions leaves plenty of room for players to develop their skills and explore new combinations.

However, there are still many missing features. And some of these are very important for maintaining a working economy in Riot Racers. The lack of uses for the RIOT token has caused its value to plummet and the team to implement withdrawal restrictions. Some of the missing features include car upgrades and customizations, car repairs, purchasing fuel for races, and billboard advertisements.

Riot Racers has some potential to be a fun game and draw in a wide array of gamers. As it is now, there is still a long way to go. But, the team has promised to deliver many of these missing features over the next few months.

Riot Racers Video Review

Riot Racers Key Info

  • Genre: Racing Simulation
  • Free to Play: Yes
  • Platform(s): Web
  • Blockchain(s): Polygon
  • Token(s): RIOT
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