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Riot Racers Welcomes Drivers to the Riot Metaverse

riot racers drivers

The blockchain-powered racing game Riot Racers has announced Riot Racers Drivers, characters that determine how a car will drive in the game. There are 11.111 drivers in the Genesis collection, and this first collection of drivers will have some crossover capabilities with future games in the wider Riot metaverse environment. The first drivers will drop on December 2nd.

Drivers in Riot Racers are the main ingredient for play-to-earn. Each time a driver races, they will earn RIOT tokens. This would also include the free races, which don’t require an entry fee. The amount of RIOT these characters earn, depends on their performance in the race. Winning percentage, earnings and completed races are key performance indicators that determine the rankings of these drivers.

So how do you get these drivers? Well, you can buy them in the upcoming sale of course. On December 2nd the first sale will take place. A total of 7600 NFT drivers will sell on the Riot Racers Marketplace for 0.07 ETH each. The team will introduce a whitelist, so keep an eye on their Discord.

In addition there will be an airdrop for Genesis NFT car holders. Each Genesis car owner will get 1 free driver. The Genesis car collection consists of 3.333 NFTs, and the owners of these NFTs will receive Drivers #1 to #3.333.

Rarities and characteristic, and why these matter

The Riot drivers have visual characteristics that determine their rarity. There are three main varieties: male, female and mecha. In addition these drivers have facial expressions, hair, hats, clothing and perhaps they smoke. Furthermore, these drivers come in different types, from least to most rare: earth, wind, water and fire. They also have different traits: speed, braking, handling, endurance and vision.

These characteristics are important when a player wants to enter a race. Upon entering a race they pick a driver and a car. Depending on the race conditions, which are for example the weather and pit conditions, certain drivers and cars will have a benefit. For example, a water-type driven will have a benefit when driving in the rain.

Drivers will impact 20% of the race outcome. As an active player in the ecosystem, it would make sense to have multiple drivers. Each of them would then be useful under different racing conditions.

Giveaways and future sales

On December 2nd the Riot Racers Drivers NFT sale will take place on the official marketplace. Each of the 7600 drivers will sell for 0.07 ETH. Buyers only pay the transaction costs, roughly $10. You don’t pay for minting the NFTs on the Polygon network. The reveal of the Driver NFTs will take place 24 hours after the sale ended.

Alongside the NFT sale, they will also do a giveaway. A total of 150 Racetrack Land Plots will go to users who buy the Drivers. They will giveaway 35 Rookie, 95 Rally, 8 Tracker, 7 Aero, 3 Pro, and 2 Legendary racetrack land plots. Every 50th Driver bought will win a Racetrack Land Plot. They will start with the Rookie Class and end with the Legendary ones. This means that the people who buy #7.550 and #7.600 will win the Legendary Racetrack Land Plots.

In addition, buying a Driver earns you a spot on the Apollo Car Collection whitelist. This Apollo collection is a brand new collection of cars and game assets that Riot Racers will add once the Genesis collection of assets sold out. Purchasing a driver gets you 1 whitelist spot, limited to 5 spots per wallet. This whitelisting mechanic only counts for those who buy during the sale, so secondary market purchases do not count.

Join the Riot Racers Discord to stay in the know about whitelisting for the Drivers NFT sale.

What is Riot Racers

Riot Racers is a play-to-earn racing game in which gamers can earn by playing the game or owning parts of the ecosystem. Players own cars, which they can upgrade using RIOT tokens. They earn RIOT by competing in races. Before joining a race, they need to pick a car and a strategy based on the race conditions. Gamers also need to visit a gas station to get some fuel, which serves as an entry fee.

The game generates the race in the background, so it offers passive gameplay. The outcome of a race gets determined primarily by the player’s race strategy and in addition by a weighted random algorithm. Cars with higher XP and better upgrades automatically have a better chance of winning. However, sometimes the underdog can come out on top. That’s what makes these types of racing game exciting. The top 3 of each competitive race earns rewards, paid in RIOT tokens.

Another way to earn in Riot Racers is by owning a part of the game, for example, a mechanic shop, gas station or a piece of the track. The game offers 20 gas stations in total, and only 7 tracks made up out of 1400 parts. Through billboards, also an NFT, another earning opportunity presents itself. Here gamers can advertise their own product or perhaps rent it out to third parties.

Check out our Riot Racers review here for more information on the game and how to get started.

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