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Racing Game Riot Racers Bursts onto Polygon

riot racers polygon game

Just over 2 months ago Riot Racers launched onto the Polygon gaming scene, quickly claiming second place for activity on the OpenSea – Matic marketplace. An NFT-powered, hands-off racing game, Riot Racers promises player-ownership, a meaningful economy, and player participation in development decisions.

In addition to the standard idea of owning and racing cars, Riot Racers also allows players to own other game locations such as racetracks, gas stations, mechanic shops, and billboards. Each of these businesses provide opportunities for passive income to the NFT holders.

Owning any land NFT grants the player the title of Land Baron which comes with various perks. Land ownership options are limited for the Genesis release with only 30 gas stations and 50 mechanics available. Divided into 100 pieces, racetracks split the proceeds equally among all owners for that track.

Experience and upgrades

Cars earn experience when racing, and upgrade parts at mechanic shops. For each race, players fuel up and choose a strategy based on the track conditions. With varying track conditions and a large selection of strategy options to choose from, Riot Racers promises that proper planning has a chance to emerge victorious against higher level, upgraded opponents who did not plan as well. Race results are determined in a formulaic manner in the background, though visualizations for the race are a part of the roadmap.

Drops for the Genesis set of cars began last month. The selection includes seven car types with seven rarities, each with their own look. Though two drops are complete, the roadmap lists five total planned drops. So there is still time for aspiring racers to join in on this pre-release sale! All primary and secondary sales happen on the Matic / Polygon network. The car and building models look beautiful. I want to collect them all!

The native RIOT token

Riot Racers runs on the RIOT token. The whitepaper calls for minting 250 million RIOT tokens, with 45% of that devoted to play to earn and game rewards. The RIOT token will buy game assets, serve as an entry fee for races, and provide a return for holders. RIOT also functions as a governance token, allowing owners to vote on various game proposals.

The team recently re-prioritized, pushing their own marketplace to the forefront of development. But even with the schedule change, the team still plans for beta release in September. A staking reward system will be added in Q4 2021. Stay tuned to their Twitter and Discord for news on upcoming drops.

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