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Binamon Announces Land Sale


The Pokemon inspired game, Binamon, announced a Land Sale. Landowners receive passive income from battles occurring on their lands. No information yet provided on when the land sale might happen or how much land will cost. Hopefully more information will arrive soon from the team.

These lands will be part of an upcoming MOBA game called Binance Arena. Owners collect a portion of energy from fallen monsters. Details are scarce, but supposedly owners also have the option of adding points of interest to their lands such as neutral spawn points, life orbs, and power ups!

Presumably players will send in teams of monsters to fight and fun stuff happens. Without much information it’s hard to say how this game will play out, but the blockchain world has certainly been waiting for a decent MOBA type game!

Land ownership has been big in the world of crypto for the past year. Will Binamon deliver an experience as cool as their animated gifs? Binamon promises passive incomes, exclusive items, and governance decision making for land owners.

What is Binamon?

Binamon is a ‘metaverse of digital monsters’ built on the Binance Smart Chain. Players collect Binamons, stake them for passive earnings, and pit them against each other in battles for other rewards. As you might expect, the monsters are NFTs.

Binamon NFT Monster

Binamon has three tokens, BMON, BNRG, and BMON-Z1. BMON is the primary curency. Players require BMON to birth Genesis monsters and to create BMON-Z1. Binamon runs a layered system where players can leverage their BMON to access to the BOMN-Z1 world, called Planet A-LGC-Z1.

Packs are only purchased with the official game tokens. Each booster pack requires a different token. It’s a bit of a confusing system, and their website could do a better job of explaining how things work. As it is currently, you should really read the whitepaper pretty thoroughly if you want to invest in this game.

Binamon also includes a couple of DeFi features — farming pools for its native tokens as well as various ‘missions’, where you agree to lock away your token LPs for a certain amount of time and share the rewards with everyone else on the mission when it unlocks. These missions function very much like the recent Alien Worlds missions.

Binamon aims to build a network of dapps, all connected in the Binamon metaverse. They have already created different ‘worlds’, with separate catalogs of creatures and games. And as with most crypto projects, Binamon has a long list of planned features including merging and fusing Binamons, Adventure mode, a multiplayer game powered by the Unreal engine, and apps for mobile devices.

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