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Play to Earn GODS token in Gods Unchained

gods unchained blessing of the gods token play to earn event

Gods Unchained just launched the latest phase of their play-to-earn system, allowing players to earn GODS tokens when they meet certain weekly requirements. Immutable launched the GODS token late October with an airdrop to all Gods Unchained players who held cards before June 2021.

In a campaign called Blessings of the Gods, players of the fantasy-themed, trading card game called Gods Unchained now earn GODS tokens by playing a winning a minimum number of games each week.

The first week began on Nov 1, 2021. Each week runs through the following Monday, 4:59 PDT. The requirements are pretty straightforward. Play at least 20 ranked games anytime during the week, winning at least 7. You must face at least 17 different opponents, each game must last at least four rounds, and you have to be at least Rank 4 (Purified Iron) at the end of the week.

Each week you receive 1-2 points based on rank, with the chance for additional points for hitting 2x and 3x the minimal targets. At the end of the week, they split the reward pool by the total number of points earned and between the point holders. After that everything resets for the next week.

The rewards pool increases with greater numbers of active players. All the way up to 500,000 GODS tokens a week if the community reaches 100.000 active users.

GODS token was just released in October of 2021. Anyone with a Gods Unchained collection before the snapshot during the summer of 2021, received a free airdrop of GODS tokens on the IMX marketplace. The token can be moved off of IMX for a fee, and traded on several exchanges and decentralized exchanges. Though you may want to hold onto your GODS. In the future, it will be used for fusing.

Gods Unchained players now have three ways to earn by playing. They earn Core card packs by gaining levels in-game, Core packs and new set packs by participating in the weekly free tournaments. Now they can also earn GODS tokens by winning and climbing the charts.

What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a collectible card game built on the Ethereum blockchain, that uses the Immutable X layer-2 solution. The blockchain stores all ownership of the cards, giving players full ownership over their own set of cards. Players earn digital cards by playing the game. When they have two identical cards they can mint these into one blockchain-based card. We call these cards non-fungible tokens, and the owners can trade, sell, or use them in the game itself.

Future game mechanics will allow users to create limited edition cards from older cards, making existing cards more rare. In addition Gods Unchained is free-to-play. Players earn cards by being active players. True play-to-earn mechanics there.

Gods Unchained Divine Order is the second expansion of the trading card game, and the first expansion launching on Immutable X. Divine Order launched with 190 new cards. The trading card game’s expansion will introduce a mechanic called Order, making cards passive. These cards can’t attack, or take damage. However, they can buff up. Therefore players can user Order to stop an enemy attack, or protect their own cards.

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