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IMX Token Airdrop Now for Gods Unchained Players

gods unchained imx token airdrop

Gamers who’ve been playing the trading card game Gods Unchained for a while, and moved their NFT assets over to Immutable X, can now claim the IMX token airdrop. Everybody needs to claim their rewards within 90 days, while players from the US will receive USDC instead.

The token distribution takes place on Immutable X, a layer-2 solution to the Ethereum blockchain. This extra layer on top of Ethereum allows users to transact NFTs and token without paying any of those high gas fees. However, users can move their tokens from Immutable to the Ethereum mainnet, simply follow this guide.

Personally I use Brave Browser, and noticed that I needed to remove the ad-block shield. Keep that in mind when you’re trying to claim your IMX token rewards, as ad-blockers could cause some errors.

Those who are looking to trade their rewards or acquire more IMX, have various options. FTX just announced that they listed IMX. In addition, you can find the token on SushiSwap, Bybit, Huobi Global and OKEx.

Aside of the IMX token, gamers active in the Gods Unchained community also have the GODS token. GODS is the native governance token for the Gods Unchained ecosystem. The token launched last month, and players can now complete weekly missions to earn a share of the weekly rewards.

What is IMX

The IMX token functions as a utility token on the Immutable X scaling solution. As you might know, Immutable created Immutable X to make transferring NFTs a lot fast and cheaper. Different from for example Polygon, Immutable X taps directly into the security of the Ethereum blockchain, therefore truly earning the label ‘layer-2 solution’.

There will only be 20 million IMX on the market. On Immutable X they will use IMX in three different ways:

  • Fees – 20% of all transaction fees will be paid using IMX. When you don’t have IMX, it will automatically make a token swap in the background.
  • Staking – When you have IMX, you can stake it to earn more. The more you stake, the more you earn.
  • Governance – Those who hold IMX tokens can vote on community governance decisions.
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