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Footium Announces NFT-based Football Strategy Game

Footium NFT football strategy game

Footium is a new game that will allow players to manage a football club, create a team of players, and compete with each other to win prizes. The project aims to improve upon the existing genre of football management games by integrating NFTs and a native token, giving gamers true ownership of their teams. Footium has recently closed a pre-seed round along with various partnerships to bring the game to life. 

Footium aims to take the world of football management games by storm by allowing gamers to truly own their team. The project’s roadmap, which is briefly discussed in their Medium post, will create eight leagues structured in a funnel-fashion, much like the English Conference. Filling these leagues will require the creation of 3060 football clubs, creating plenty of opportunities for early adopters. 

Every club will have a kit, stadium, and generative club badge. The club badge, which is an NFT, will have a number of traits. The rarity of the club badge determines the football club’s starting league and its stadium sizes. As always: the rarer, the better. 

Playing the beautiful game

Players that own a football club will compete in a global multiplayer game mimicking the real world of football. Players’ teams will compete with each other twice per day against other clubs in the league, aiming to rise in the ranks. Teams that will move up the “pyramid” to a higher league, while losing teams will drop a league. As expected, the better a team performs, the better the rewards. 

The actual games will be automated, but you will need to pick the right tactics and line-ups to lead your team to success. You’ll be able to watch the matches in a real-time display, and so can everyone else.

Footium is also the name of the game’s token and will be the primary reward for performing well. The team states on their website that users can stake the Footium token to develop their football club. Clubs with more tokens will level up faster and have increased home field advantage. 

Every Player is an NFT

As you might expect, every individual football player in the game is an NFT with specific attributes that will impact their game performance. Collecting the right players to create a balanced team is essential to success. Players will not be able to play forever and will eventually retire, unless they are Zlatan. However, users can stake their retired heroes to improve other aspects of gtheir team. There are also ultra-rare legendary player cards that are far superior to standard players and will have a ‘game-changing’ impact on your football club.

You don’t have to continually buy new NFTs to keep your team full. While there is going to be a player-to-player market for new players, the Academy within your football club will also generate players each season. 

What is Footium?

Footium is an upcoming NFT-based football club management game that aims to give players true ownership of clubs and players. The game is focused on building the best team imaginable and rising through the leagues to earn the in-game token that’s also called Footium. Every football player is an NFT with specific attributes, with higher rarity cards performing better in-game. 

The project is currently in development and says that early access is coming soon. However, there is no official release date. It’s a project that aims to give football fans the unique experience of generating real value by expertly managing a football club. 

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