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Alpine Racing Making Exclusive NFT Cars

Alpine GTA Concept car NFT REVV Racing

Alpine Racing will become the first car manufacturer to release new concept cars exclusively as an NFT, and these will become available in REVV Racing. The Alpine GTA Concept will come in five versions, created by the Alpine Cars and Alpine F1 Team. Auctions will start on November 3rd, and end on the 5th.

Alpine will sell five versions of the Alpine GTA Concept as NFTs, each with a unique design. There will only be one copy of each car design. The NFT auctions will be organized by digital car company Nway and Animoca Brands. The auctions will take place on OpenSea, starting Wednesday 3 November 2021 at 10:00 UTC. Two days later highest bidders will win the auctions on Friday 03:00 UTC.

Within the framework of the NFT / Alpine GTA Concept project, Alpine has sealed a partnership with Animoca Brands. Animoca Brands is the developer and publisher of REVV Motorsport, the ecosystem of blockchain-based racing games built around the REVV utility token. It’s not clear at the moment of writing what this partnership will bring to the table in the future.

However, the five owners of the exclusive NFTs can use their Alpine GTA Concept NFTs in REVV Racing. These NFT cars will be the first legendary vehicles in the game, making them among the best and most exclusive assets in the game. You can play REVV Racing on the official website, or read more about the game here on Play to Earn.

What’s REVV Racing?

REVV Racing is a browser-based racing game developed by Animoca Brands, who are also the company behind a variety of racing games. The game plays very nicely, especially considering that it runs in a browser. It has the graphics and feel of an arcade or console game, with plenty of opportunities for skids, drifts, and wipeouts. There is only one race course available at the moment but plenty of competition for the top ranks.

The REVV Motorsport ecosystem is a series on blockchain-based racing games published by Animoca Brands. These games all use the native REVV token, which they can earn through gameplay participation. They can then use the token to purchase NFTs for the games or pay entry fees for the races. REVV Racing uses REVV as a reward, but players also need to use to token to buy additional tries in their road to success.

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